I’ve enjoyed both writing and gaming since the mid-70’s.  The latter when a friend introduced me to original Dungeons & Dragons and Chainmail.  The former since I typed my first short story on my grade school teacher’s manual typewriter, after having my young mind blown away by a couple of Dr. Tolkien’s books.

In addition to the writing listed below, I also put some stuff up on Wattpad.  You can find me there by searching for AnnWycoff.

Site Email:  annsimmaterium@gmail.com (I check it at least weekly.)

Some Published Writing

“Turkey Day.”  (Short Story.)  Scary Snippets: Christmas Edition.  Suicide House Publishing, 2019.

“The War of the Jar,” and other poems.  Organic Ink, Volume 2Dragon Soul Press, 2019.

“January Thaw.”  (Short Story.)  Adventures for the Average Woman: Tough Lit III.  Ideagems Publishing, 2011.  (Currently can be found on Wattpad.)


April 2020:  “Cyclops,” “Friendship Repaid,” “Robin Never Finished Her Bigfoot Video,” and “The Demon Star.”  (Drabbles.)  Forgotten Ones: Drabbles of Myth and Legend.  Eerie River Publishing, 2020.




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