… from one who lives where feline eyes glitter in dark places (lit only when fire threatens) between monstrous red trees, where occult apes lurk with unseen tread and unclean purpose, where sacrifices to forgotten devils lie drowned, profaned, forgotten in Stygian waters.

Do you like me pine for steaming jungles within the island kingdom of the imagination, where beats the heart of savage drums, and there live philosophic yet murderous crustaceans, shattered robots, buried sacrifices to forgotten devils, and dark countries yet unfounded?

If so then hail and well met, fellow traveler!

Near my home in this moment between Night and Day.

Some Published Writing

Four “Bus Poems.” 5-7-5 Haiku Journal. Atlantean Press, November 2021.

“Azazel’s Heart” (Drabble). 666: Dark Drabbles. Black Hare Press, August 2021.

“Another Man’s Trash” (Article).  The Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2020.  

“I Want My Blanket” (Short Story).  Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth.  Black Hare Press, August 2020.

“Cyclops,” “Friendship Repaid,” “Robin Never Finished Her Bigfoot Video,” and “The Demon Star.”  (Drabbles.)  Forgotten Ones: Drabbles of Myth and Legend.  Eerie River Publishing, 2020.

“Turkey Day”  (Short Story).  Scary Snippets: Christmas Edition.  Suicide House Publishing, December 2019.

“The War of the Jar,” and other poems.  Organic Ink, Volume 2.  Dragon Soul Press, 2019.

The goal page for my work outs is here.

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