Dark Vengeance Cultist

So I’ve been squeezing in a few other models while I’ve been working on Becky the Bloat Drone, and one of them is my first Dark Vengeance cultist.  Considering how much I use these guys in games it is sort of shameful to let them linger unpainted so I finally made a start.

That cudgel doesn’t exactly look standard issue.

I decided upon my usual desert theme, then painted and based accordingly since this will go with my daemons.  I messed around with a bunch of washes on his one shoulder guard as a sort of a test for plague marine power armor.  Good job I did too, because while it is fine for this guy, I wouldn’t have liked it on my plague marines.  I guess that is why one does tests on guys like this.

Decided to go for yellow on his respirator tank to add some needed contrast to the model.  I’m finding the cultists useful for getting some experience painting skin that could conceivably be called human.

Need some steel wool to sort out that pistol, but it could be far worse.

Only 19 more to go and my Dark Vengeance cultists will a force to be reckoned with, Tide of Traitoring, Cult Ambushing, and so on their way to victory.  For now it is just this guy.  Occasionally squeezing one into the queue from time to time, I’ll probably have the unit done by 2022 or so.

Next time I’ll post another Bloat Drone update.  I should have the flesh more or less done by then.  I have a Herald of Nurgle-Poxbringer-Kromlech Chaos Spawn I need to put up here as well when I can as well.  I’ll use this guy with him for size comparison purposes.

Chaos Symbol Clip Art


18 responses to “Dark Vengeance Cultist”

    • Very true! That Tide of Traitors thing really made them useful, and I have to say lately I have been enjoying turning my own cultists into poxwalkers, lol.


  1. Very nice skin on this one!

    But twenty Cultists are at least twenty too few. Buy some more, convert them all so no two Cultists look the same and … gaaah … never again … never again.

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  2. Culties are a great place to experiment. Even if the experiment turns out poorly, no one will notice it amidst the horde unless you point it out to them.

    Also a great place to work on speed painting techniques. I’ve got mine down to 7 colours and a wash, and I can batch paint a set of 10 in a couple of hours.

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    • Thanks, John. I enjoyed painting the goggles and I’m happy with how they turned out since I have little experience painting lenses and I’ve been poking around online and reading various tutorials. Alas, such things are aspects that show up in pictures but hardly ever on the tabletop. Still, we take our little glories where we can.

      Better snot-colored than rose-colored, eh?


  3. Ha – I think you’re best thinking about how good this cultist looks and not about how long it’s going to take to paint all the rest 🙂 That way madness lies and all that. I reckon that if I just sat down, with no distractions, and cracked on with painting just the models I’ve got the Emperor’s Great Crusade would be well underway by the time I finished. Factor in my usual butterfly-like distraction and I’d probably miss the Heresy, the Long War and the inevitable devouring of everyone by the tyranids too.

    Better to concentrate on the fact that this chap looks very fine indeed! Mind you, his squad-mates will be jealous of him now…

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    • Oh yes, you are right … madness is right around the corner with painting those guys. 🙂

      Thank you, I’m pleased with how he came out and I think I got some valuable experience painting at least one human skin tone. I have a second guy I’m working on where I did the usual Cadian base and then put a sepia wash over that which came out looking pretty good and made for a darker tone that I really like and think I could use elsewhere too. I’m not quite sure how to highlight it yet though; I might throw up a picture on the blog and ask for advice and/or talk to some of the painters where I play.

      I also know exactly what you mean about “butterfly-like distraction” because that fits me exactly and is why I have so many models from so many factions. Some of my friends think I buy them because I’m a bandwagon gamer but they’d be wrong — I’m a bandwagon painter!

      Yes, I’m sure my one painted guy is picking up some abuse, but then again maybe only behind his back. Since becoming painted he’s managed to become the mob champion and is almost always the last to die, if he does at all. I hope he enjoys his glory because eventually I’m going to end up painting that guy with the shotgun and sword, and this fellow’s reign of terror will be over.

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