Ork Goliath Mine

In the spirit of working on projects I had left half-finished when I took my break from miniatures, I recently completed this goliath mine from Kromlech.  The first time I had heard of a goliath mine was when I saw one at a military museum many years ago.

Goliath mine aka “Mecha Bomb Squig”

I also started a building a unit of tankbustas.  The nob, with the mine controller, is again from Kromlech.  I might do a little more dry brushing on the nob, but I haven’t decided yet.  If I had him to do over again I would consider experimenting with liquid green stuff and see if I could hide the seam where his arms attach to his torso.

I might also try adding some dust to the treads on the mine, but then again I might not.

Tankbusta nob with goliath mine controller and a couple of his toadies.

So moving forward the plan is to build some more rank and file tankbusta boyz.  After more than four years of using nothing for elites in my army except nobz, I think it is time to add a little variety.

I’m not sure why they wear great coats and winter hats in the desert.  Perhaps they are in a cold desert or more likely being orks they are just crazy and/or the heat doesn’t affect them like one would reasonably expect, because everyone knows (when they think about it) that orks are much tougher than weedy gits like humans and eldar and such.





10 responses to “Ork Goliath Mine”

  1. Yes, they do seem pretty obsessed. Knowing orks though, they probably didn’t work on it themselves. They probably either beat up some other orks and pulled out their teef and bribed a mek or perhaps they simply kidnapped said mek and forced him to do their bidding … “Join up wif da tankbustaz or Elsfe!”

    Maybe you are right though and one of them took a tank round to the heat one too many times and suddenly realized his true calling as an ersatz Odd Boy?


    • I like the rule from the old codex where if you roll a 1 the bomb squig scuttles under the closest friendly vehicle and blows up. The current codex, where if you roll a 1 nothing happens is probably better from a trying-to-win-the-zogging-game aspect, but certainly lacks the flavor that led me to starting with Orks in the first place. Well, that and I started with Assault on Black Reach and my husband wanted the marines.

      Yes, I learned about Russian bomb dogs when I tried playing Bolt Action and saw that they had both rules and available models for that tactic. So I ran right out and bought them and promptly let them sit on my shelf for two years.

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