Bloodletters Complete!

It has been over a year now since I have posted to this blog, played a game of 40K, or picked up a brush for that matter.  The itch to paint has returned, and my huge mountain of unpainted plastic hasn’t gone anywhere, so I turned my attention to these guys, who are one of my many unfinished projects.


The bloodletters say, “It’s about time you finished painting us, loyalist scum!”

Last night I finished the bloodletter, who is holding the banner.  I took my inspiration for the banner from this awesome blog.

One thing I like about Chaos guys, and Khorne in particular is I don’t imagine that when they make banners they worry too much about coloring inside the lines.  I could see Slaanesh worshippers trying to create works of art, both beautiful and terrible, and Tzeentchites might pay tribute to their god with designs subtle in their geometric cruelty, but Khorne types (at least bloodletters anyway) seem content to draw a symbol of their god or whatever strikes their fancy with the blood of their last enemy, each other, or themselves (depending upon availability), scribble, “Blood for the blood god die die die eat your face omg” in faux Latin and call it a day.  This is good, because that is about as far as my freehand skills currently stretch.

So that completes the unit.  I have more Khorne forces that will go into the queue just as soon as we get some suitable weather here in the Santa Cruz mountains for priming.  In the meantime I might do a test paint on a primed deamonette I’ve had sitting around for a couple of years.


10 thoughts on “Bloodletters Complete!

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  3. Good to hear from you Ann, and great to see these Bloodletters! I really like the skin tone you’ve gone with – understated, but all the more sinister for it. Cracking banner, fits them perfectly, still chuckling over the thought of a Daemon dropping an OMG in there 🙂

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    • Many thanks. Even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve enjoyed reading your (and many others’) posts over the past year. I guess reading about what other people were doing kept the gaming/painting home fires burning, even if slowly.

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  4. I am very impressed by the banner. The dark brown really signifies “dried blood” and I think the design looks brutish enough for the Bloodletters, without being obviously “painted”. The rst of the unit is also very well done. The subtle shades of brown and red really capture their demonic nature and I especially like the effect you have going with the tongues. They seem wet and slimy, a good match for these creatures.

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    • Thank you! Coming from you that is high praise. I thought it might be nice to have the tongues look slimy — a bit of ‘ardcoat gloss did the trick.


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