Imperial Guard vs. Orks (1500 Points)

Santa Cruz Sector, December 14, 2016.

So I played my first game of 40K recently at Mythic Games in after taking well over a year off.  It was Guard versus Orks. Eternal War Scenario: Big Guns Never Tire.  Some pictures from our game:

Manticores deliver an interesting and indisputable form of Detante.
Boyz piling out of their wrecked trukk: a pretty common sight for these guys.
Outflanking mechanized infantry on the attack.
Tearing the turrets off of APC’s and throwing them with lethal effect at the disembarking infantry.

6 responses to “Imperial Guard vs. Orks (1500 Points)”

    • Thank you. I took them with my phone during the game.

      It was a fun game. My Guard opponent got the WLT that lets you outflank stuff, so he outflanked both his leeman russes, and a chimera. I had a “clever” strategy all worked out, which was pretty much invalidated by that state of affairs. So the warboss decided, as he always does when at a loss for what to do to tell all his boyz to just get stuck in as fast as they could and “last one there is … dinner!”

      Unfortunately he had very bad luck with reserve rolls, and even had some problems with orders. By the time they got their C and C issues sorted out the orks were ripping the turrets off their tanks and using them as missile weapons. But I guess that is ok; it isn’t like the Guard really needs to worry to much if they lose a platoon or three … there’s always more where those came from! 🙂


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