Gabby: Blind Ants of the Outer Darkness

I posted the next installment of my novel-in-progress, Gabby the Big-Eyed Monster, this past Sunday, August 25, 2019.  The title of the new section is Blind Ants of the Outer Darkness.

The novel so far is located here.

I can’t see the ants either. Small little buggers!

The new section is a bit over 2100 words, which is about double the length of the first one.  I don’t want the sections to be too long and 2000 words or so is about the longest I will go.  In general   For the chapters I’m organizing it like this for now:

Chapter One: The Forbidden Cave
Blind Ants of the Outer Darkness
Next Section

Chapter Two: Whatever I call it.
Next Section
Next Section: and so on….

I’m planning on getting the next section up on Sunday, September 1, 2019, which will end chapter one.  I certainly have a long way to go.  I’m aiming at making this an 80,000 word novel and I’m at about 3100 words now.  Fortunately in October my schedule will change and I’ll have more time for writing.

I also engaged someone on Fiverr to draw a black & white picture of Gabby, the main character.  If I like the picture and I’m happy with how the project is turning out then I’ll probably have him do more illustrations for the book.

Gabby cover 125 wide for WordPress

4 responses to “Gabby: Blind Ants of the Outer Darkness”

    • Thank you, Alex. I’m enjoying the process so far although being different than how I usually do things I’m a bit out of my comfort zone. Having fun with it so far. 🙂

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  1. Still liking it! “Odd how the human mind often turned to thoughts of bodily waste products in moments of great stress” is an absolutely brilliant line. I look forward to seeing what happens next week!

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    • Thank you, Alexis. I wanted to come up with a way of having characters swear without inventing make believe swear words, but without having them explicitly do so in the text. Planning on wrapping up the chapter with the next bit I post. All of all the chapters are about the same length more or less I’m figuring the book will be about twenty chapters, though not having everything sort of figured out ahead of time I’m not sure exactly. I doubt it’ll go longer than about 80,000 words, but perhaps I’ll find myself with a novella when I’m done. Only the bugs know for sure and they aren’t talking!


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