Gabby the Bug-Eyed Monster: Eternity

I’ve managed to keep my schedule of posting new material every Sunday for my novel-in-progress thus far.  The latest bit went live yesterday and is titled, Prologue: Eternity.

The novel so far is located here.

“‘The Stars, Like Dust!’  Wait, I think that one’s taken.”

As the title suggests, I went back and did a little preface.  I figure that since I’m sharing a story pretty much as I write it, then if I’m going to write such a thing in such a way I should get any introductory bits out of the way early in the game.

I’ve noticed that I’m developing a tendency to work backwards a bit, editing and correcting things as I go along.  While it has been working so far it is early days yet and I think this could be a dangerous thing, when the story is longer, and could stall my first draft progress.  So in the future I’m going to make notes somewhere about things I need to correct once I’m done. I’ve fallen into that trap before with other projects and avoiding said trap is one object of this pantsing experiment.

I plan on writing a final section to wrap up Chapter One for next time.  While I’m doing that I hope to finalize in my own mind where I want to go with this for the first quarter of the story.

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4 thoughts on “Gabby the Bug-Eyed Monster: Eternity

  1. Yes, I’ve talked to other people who have had the same experience, that’s for sure, though as you say different people have different ways of doing things.


  2. Different things work for different writers, but it does seem pretty common for “write out the whole first draft, fix it later” to be helpful in avoiding bogging down.

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  3. Thanks for the link to pantsing as it saved me having to google it 😀. I don’t think that backtracking and editing is necessarily a bad thing but I suppose it depends how often you are doing it and how much it’s interrupting your flow and progress. Are you thinking of limiting it until after key scenes or once or twice a chapter? (I’ve never written anything like this so am curious and enjoying you sharing your experience of writing).

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    • Certainly, I remember a couple of years ago wondering, “What the heck is ‘pantsing’ and what does that have to do with writing?” I had only heard of the term in the context of old timey, slapstick.

      I do a lot of editing and once I’ve written a section I usually go back and re-read it and make changes four or five times. The type of editing that I personally find dangerous in terms of hurting my goal of completing my first draft is when I write something and then realize that it would be better if I went back to something I wrote two weeks ago and do X, Y, and Z. So instead of thinking and working about what comes ahead I often have gotten bogged down in what I’ve already done. Too much of this and in my experience the chances of the draft being completed lessens. Sort of it instead of working on my next blog post, I spent my time going back over my old ones and trying to make them perfect.

      Once the first draft is done, though, I’m going to look at it from a structural point of view and then would be the time to go back and do X, Y, and Z. Until then once I’ve moved onto the next section the only edits I’ll make are typos and badly worded phrases and other such things pointed out to me in comments by readers.

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