Poxwalker #13: Done and then Done Again!

Today’s offering is (surprise!) another poxwalker.  I’m doing this instead of the Dave’s Blood Bowl Dwarves, which I promised last time, because I want to squeeze another model in under the wire for Azazel’s February 2019 Neglected Models Painting Challenge.  This means I have a score of two completed zombies for this month.  By my somewhat lugubriously somnolent yet hopefully consistently turgid standards this is magnificent progress indeed!

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only slow painting.

Little Number Thirteen is especially neglected in that I started it back when Dark Imperium first came out, ignored the poxwalkers in general for quite a long time, though I finished this one back in July 2018, ignored it for about seven months*, decided the model needed more work, put in about another hour or so on it last night and then pronounced it done done not just done unless I decide to drybrush the horns a little more, and then it finally might be done done, though I think I’m going to call it done done the way it is.

I might drybrush the horns a bit, but (meh) probably not.

Here is a roundup picture for the Neglected Model Challenge.  Two done in the same month!  How my fabulously fetid forces ferociously fester!**

Neglected Model Challenge Roundup Pic:  I wonder if I can paint two more for March?

I also made a little progress on the Nurgle Blood Bowl team, getting some shade and even some paint onto one of the rotters.  Rotters are the basic linemen of a Nurgle team.  My plan is to paint their helmets and armor bright yellow, their clothes (or what passes for same) and their gloves orange, and their shoes brown or black.  I might even try my hand at some decals.

For next time (and I mean it this time since I won’t have any painting challenge deadlines to slither under) my plan is to present the much eagerly awaited Dave’s Blood Bowl Dwarves.

Yes, I probably will use my Nurgle football team in 40K/Kill Team as well. 🙂

Nurgle image 125 wide

* Additional Neglect Points are gained for Little Number Thirteen because it appears our new friend was a no-show for my July 2018 roundup of then completed zombies.  I thought it was in there somewhere but it appears not, unless it had gotten into some Tzeentchite Invisibility Juice again.

** Say that ten times in a row really fast!


26 thoughts on “Poxwalker #13: Done and then Done Again!

    • Thank you. Yes, I started working on a Blood Bowl team but must confess that up to this point I’ve stalled on it because the people I was playing BB with seem to have moved on to other games as they so often do as it turns out. I am going to keep a lineman in the paint cue and keep slowing picking away at them. Perhaps eventually they’ll come back to BB again and by the time they do I’ll have made some progress on my team.

      Have you posted pics of your team? If so I’ll have to check them out.

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      • What a shame about the BB. I love BB and would always choose it, I think. I pretty much played 40k for a decade as no one wanted to play BB. I’m sure they will want to play against your team if you paint them up.

        I have posted them, it’s 3 posts on http://www.krakendoomcool.wordpress.com the posts are called ‘Blood Bowl stinks’. Sorry this feels like an advert now…


    • Thank you. The weapon was one of the things that I worked on quite a bit recently. I didn’t like how it looked and wanted to rust it up more.

      I quite like some of the improvised weapons on these guys, though the backward remains of a rifle with a blade tied on the end is one of my favorites. I also like the wrench with a spike in the clamped jaws, all tied together with that ubiquitous (to the mob) wire, and the two-handed maul that looks like it was a flamer or perhaps some sort of weird vehicle exhaust.


    • Many thanks, Alex. I’m debating with trying to get the rest of the mob done in March, but cranking out six miniatures in a month is probably well beyond my somewhat fragile sensibilities!

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  1. Looks good. Excellent rust there, and a nice variety of spots and unhealthy skin tones.

    Also, this just came to mind: Slow, but steady progress, is pretty much exactly how Nurgle rolls. So it’s entirely fitting that you’re taking your time, but still keeping on with them. They’re not Poxsprinters, after all!

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    • Thank you and thank you too for the challenge. I probably would have put Little Number Thirteen off for another week or two if I didn’t have a reason for wanting to get it done (or, rather, done done) before the end of the month.


        • You have a good memory, John. Yes, I would definitely like to finish my favorite, little daemon engine eventually. Yes, fun is what it is all about, and I am having fun these days. Worked one some painting last night while binge watching The Sopranos with my hubby. Got another poxwalker about 75% done now and got a little more paint on some of the other poxwalkers too, as well as the Nurgle Blood Bowlers, and a cultist I slipped into the mix some time ago and have been picking away at ever since.

          I have been trying to avoid buying more models and instead working on the huge mountain of them that I have, but those Maggotkin, which are available for pre-order, are looking REALLY fine to me. To paraphrase Silvio (of aforementioned Sopranos fame) and his echo of The Godfather: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” 🙂

          Planning on going down to the game store and playing Kill Team for the first time, with a friend who is going to walk me through a couple of games. Since one can’t play daemons, I’m going to play tyranids, since my bug army is sitting in one of the glasses cases down at the store.

          Hope you have a good weekend.

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    • Thank you, Pete. Have enjoyed painting the mob so far quite a bit. I’m thinking of trying some new things (for me) with Nurgle, though not necessarily with poxwalkers, such as cultivating mold of bread then transferring the mold to a model and sealing it, using egg shells to create new textures and so on. My husband suggested I do something with cat vomit (he was joking but you should have seen the look on his face when I said, “Hey, that’s a GREAT IDEA!” We have two cats….

      Anyway, probably more information than you wanted but I’m not accustomed to energy drinks and had part of of husband’s Red Bull this morning so I wax eloquent. 🙂

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