Fighting Orks in Hand-to-Hand Combat

I was reading the current “reassuring” missive from The Regimental Standard when I saw this things about fighting orks. Since Orks were my first 40K army, I do have a soft spot (maybe in my head?) for them. I got a bit of a laugh out of the article; it reminded me of some of the moves I’ve learned in martial arts classes where everything works great until the subject starts resisting, lol!

The Regimental Standard

The green-skinned alien known as the Ork is the one of the most widespread and rightly despised xenos races of the galaxy*. They are also amongst the most common enemy you will encounter as an Imperial Guardsman.

At range, the forces of the Ork are no match for the disciplined armies of the Imperium, and will be outmanoeuvred, outgunned, and destroyed in short order. Single Orksare also little threat, their large muscles hiding poor coordination and low intelligence

However, due to their individual weakness, Orks have been known to attack in such numbers that firepower alone does not suffice, and it can occasionally become necessary to despatch these aliens in close quarters fighting.

While the large frame and brutish appearance of the Ork can make them seem an intimidating foe to a cowardly soul, as a Guardsman of the Astra Militarum, you should be above such fear.

While every…

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7 thoughts on “Fighting Orks in Hand-to-Hand Combat

  1. Aye, orks were where I started (with 40k) too. I think you can’t help but have a soft spot for orks. Of course my current army is always my favourite, and chaos has been the one that’s sustained my interested for the longest, but deep down my heart will always be green.

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    • That’s where I’m at as well. Chaos seems to be what has been holding my interest both for painting and gaming, though it is a small ambition of mine to have a 1000 – 1500 point legal army for every major codex (with plastic models) in the game. I have a long ways to go, lol, though I’m certainly there and then some with Orks.

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    • Oddly, I think a lot of people really like Orks. I’ve never brought orks to a game and had someone roll their eyes and say, “Oh, those guys,” like I see happen with some armies. I’m sure I’ll eventually get back to them but I guess I need a break after some years of focusing on them. Like so many others, my fancy seems to have been caught by the denizens of the Immaterium.


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