Urnafortunus: Herald of Nurgle

So I’ve been working on Becky the Bloat Drone still, but I also finally got this handsome fellow done.   I’ve had him for a very long time.  Despite having only now finished painting him, he’s been popping up primed with various colors in games now and again since 2013.  Talk about an Unpainted Veteran of the Long War!

He’s a Kromlech “Morbid Spawn” model.

This resin mess started out his (?) career as a nameless chaos spawn in equally nameless space marine armies.    He spent most of his early days furiously trying to come to grips with fire warriors before they gunned him down; usually quite successful thanks to the prevalence of doomcasters in those days.  He’s also run with Daemonkin, and there was a Chaos Undivided time, which he doesn’t like to talk about, when he had a green body with one blue tentacle, one red, and one purple.  His colleagues gave him the name Ezekyle to mock him.  Those were dark days indeed.  Happily, he has more recently found a new calling as a Herald of Nurgle or as they are styling them now, a Poxbringer.

His mighty array of weapons, the huge, rather nasty maw, that monstrous right arm (talk about a power fist!) and of course the varied spiky bits and last but not least that deadly triad of tentacles fully equips him, I’d say, to be every bit as formidable as a jumped-up plaguebearer with a balesword, a prehensile tongue, and a mouthy nurgling sidekick.

Once I get the Poxbringer, which came with the Nurgle battle force, painted then Urna will probably graduate once again to a counts-as Spoilpox Scrivener.  His visage certainly seems to fit the powers a Scrivener brings to the table, i.e. makes plaguebearers step more lively and fight harder.  I imagine any daemon in the ranks foolish enough to slack off or malinger will soon regret it.  Pop said malinger into his Motivating Maw, give him a bit of a chew then spit him out again.  I bet the rest of the unit would be falling all over itself to be the first to expend that extra two inches of movement or roll a 7+ with his sword!  His motivating speech:  “Shirkers will be shredded, malingers mauled and thieves throttled!”  Perhaps instead of counting diseases he has a mania for perfect formations with lovely, straight columns and ranks?  Who knows the mind of Chaos?

Always finding odd uses for that Nihilakh Oxide paint!

I call him (?) Urnafortunus or Pot Luck, because that is how I felt painting him.  I tried various experiments or just went with my whims of the moment, and kept what I liked and repainted what I didn’t.  A lot was done on the fly while watching Netflix with my husband.  As usual I’ll catalog some of what I remember doing for anyone who is interested and my own future reference.

I did the skin with the usual white primer followed by Athonian Camoshade, then Agrax Earthshade, more Camoshade with some patches of yellow and orange glazes.  Highlights were done with Nurgling Green.  Used rust washes, some Baal Red, Carroburg Crimson, Nurgle’s Rot, and of course Blood for the Blood God on the skin until I liked the final result, or more accurately I had reached that sweet place where if I kept working on it I would be more likely to make the model worse rather than better.

Some of the small, bright red tentacles were painted with Tallarn Flesh, then washed with Bloodletter and then brightened up with a gloss varnish.  With others I experimented with a bit of watered-down Blood for the Blood God.

Not his best side, but I’m not really sure he has one….

For the three big tentacles I used  a mysterious and seemingly endless series of green, black, brown, purple, and blue washes.   Then a final wash of glossy Nuln Oil, followed by giving the suckers a final wash of Biel-Tan to brighten them up a bit with regular Nuln Oil on the tentacle talons.  The teeth and horns were just multiple coats of Nuln Oil.

I decided to use rust washes in the mouth and also where the bones are sticking out.  I was going to paint the bones more traditionally, but in the end I decided this daemon had a weird, blackened skeleton so more Nuln Oil there.  Going back to the mouth, I decided the various nasty bits in there needed a little brightening up, but not too much, so I did some highlights using various colors such as Ratskin Flesh and so on.  I might eventually brighten it up some more but for now I’m happy with it.

Posting with a cultist for a size comparison shot.

So I’m going to continue my work on my bloat drone, though it is looking more and more like I’m not going to get it done by the end of the month in time for Azazel’s Decembuary Challenge.  Still he has apparently become the challenge guy extraordinaire, which is fun, and he has one for February as well.  So if I must eat the bitter ashes of defeat and disappointment in January, then perhaps for next month I’ll finish the bloater and complete the next challenge too and taste the ambrosia of victory with both the paintbrush and the dice cup!

Chaos Symbol Clip Art

20 responses to “Urnafortunus: Herald of Nurgle”

  1. …no wait… THIS is the first models i saw of yours… Maybe. Sorry, im working my way backwards through these gems i havent seen in all this time and it turns out ive seen few of them (probablybover at Azazels) before! I think this guy is awesome. Such a cool model and and so very squicky. I dont feel like i could achieve anywhere near enough or a revolting feel through paint, which is why i asked Krakendoomcool to paint up my Plague Child (Emperors Children possessed by a Plague Bearer). Even if i had the practice of painting Nurgle, its clear your just better than me. Im not complaining though, mor fun surprises for me out of your Blog! Hopefully with a “bit” of practice i can keep up with the rest of you with your painting. Wicked stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Greetings from Ann the Post Necromantrix! I love this model quite a bit and think Kromlech outdid themselves when they produced this little monster. Would love to see ‘Plague Children.’ 🙂


    • Ann the Post Necromantrix strikes a second time in one day in this thread! (Was revisiting good, old Urnafortunus now that my poxwalkers are done.) Thank you, Wudu, coming from you that is high praise indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, that is stunning! I absolutely love what you did with this guy, and great that the new rules provide a suitable role – he’s a perfect fit, and I’m glad he has finally found his calling in life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I’m very happy with how he turned out after trying to get him he way I wanted for so long. Hopefully he’s found his calling at least for awhile. 🙂

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  3. Definitely very Nurglish. Nice job finding the right place to stop. This is one that could easily have gone too far and ended up looking like it was done with unthinned Testor’s oil paints, but you hit the balance just right, and it’s fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I’ve certainly done that before, where I had a miniature I was pretty happy with but kept going and ended up making it worse.


  4. Well, a new year and I’ve learnt to only open posts with “pox” and “Nurgle” in the title several hours after eating a meal! Just as well, ’cause this is another disgusting mini – that maybe doesn’t sound like a compliment, but it is! The tentacles seem to burst out in what I can only imagine is a far too realistic manner!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, I try to put Nurgle or something like that in the title just for people, who might not fancy a post-breakfast walk through the Grandfather’s Garden. 🙂 I’m afraid that my little Herald/Chaos Spawn is going to get an even bigger head than he already has with all of these lovely compliments!


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