CSM/Orks vs. Dark Angels: Turns Two & Three

Oct 2013 third picture csm and orks vs dark angels
Greenskins hotfoot it away from Dark Angel nephilim.

TURN TWO: Six bone white terminators appeared in a circle of green light on the biker’s right flank, who then moved out on cue behind the helbrute and up the hill in front of the aegis line.

A terminator pointed at the ground. A wall of blue flame sprang up from his feet, hissing forward in a line catching the helbrute.  The walker exploded.  One biker, about half way up the hill, was incinerated by the blast.

The other terminators turned their weapons on a tightly packed squad of True Ultramarines.  The chaos marines threw themselves to the ground behind their aegis line as their shoulder-to-shoulder numbers were raked by assault cannon, anti-infantry rockets, bolter shells, and scout sniper fire.  One man ignored the order to hit the dirt and lost his head and one arm.

The thunder of jet engines and a green-and-white blur heralded sudden death when a ground attack fighter swooped down on orks and gretchin milling around the wrecked truck.  Boyz fell like wheat to the chattering scythes of twin hurricane bolters and mystic cannon fire.  The remaining greenskins hotfooted it into the ruin.

The rhino, now supported by the techmarine biker, dueled the remaining ork trukk.

Two bikers laid down suppressive fire against the havocs while the rest of the squad jumped the barricade.   Titus smashed his mace down on the Chaos Lord’s shoulder.  The lord’s terminator armor saved his life but not his collar-bone.  Screaming with hatred and pain, he backhanded the chaplain off his bike.  He staggered back clutching at his shoulder, gasping, as his loyalist opponent rolled to his feet in an acrobatic blur, mace of redemption in both hands.

TURN THREE: With battle raging directly in front of them, the big mek picked up a grot fumbling with a battered spyglass. Between the two of them they directed accurate mortar fire onto the terminators.  After high-fiving the gretchin, he stuffed him into his shokk attack gun and blasted pieces of the grot into three terminators’ armor.  The psyker’s head exploded as the spyglass materialized inside his skull.

A wretchedly painted heldrake strafed in over the dark angel plane missing with its talons.  The daemon somersaulted as it passed and vomited auto cannon shells, which punched a hole through the dark angel fighter, disintegrating a hurricane bolter.  The nephilim limped away its engine belching smoke.  Melta and heavy bolter fire from the rhino crisscrossed behind the drake as it banked left for another attack run.

Dark Angel snipers kept the chaos marines pinned down behind their aegis.

The chaplain hammered away at his opponent. The lord parried desperately. He couldn’t mount an effective counter-attack against the priest’s heavy blows. His heavy terminator armor slowed him yet proved almost useless against the loyalist champion’s mace.

Improbably, the havoc champion, ex-Adepta Sororitas “Sister Rachel,” picked up a missile launcher and beat a dark angel to death with it.  Inspired, the other two havocs followed suit and killed their opposing numbers. The dark gods threw a lot of luck the way of the True Ultramarines this battle!

Down on his knees, bloody, his arm useless the beaten chaos lord bowed his head and waited for death.  Titus raised his mace high and split both the chaos lord’s helmet and his head.  He exulted, triumphant but something was wrong.  The priest looked down and realized he’d been impaled through the midsection by the lord’s power sword.

“Loser!” Sister Rachel laughed as visions of assuming the dead chaos lord’s position as well as possessing his diverse and extensive harem danced in her head.

Monday: Game ends!

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