Our “Mysterious Intruder True Story” Youtube video went live today

Don’s and my latest video went live on Youtube today. He wrote the copy and did the narration, as usual, and I helped with the post-production, which I’m finding to be a lot of fun.* This video deals with a bizarre occurrence back in 2003 that Don had when he was alone at work in the early morning.

The company he worked for at the time produced maps and mapping software. The company was named DeLorme and the eponymous founder, David DeLorme, (I’m told) started the company by going door-to-door and to businesses peddling paper maps and such out of his car. Eventually, he turned it into a multi-million dollar company in southern Maine, USA.

One thing I found interesting about DeLorme was their giant, rotating globe “Eartha” that dominates the lobby when you go inside the building.** It is quite impressive in person, and according to Wikipedia “is the world’s largest rotating and revolving globe” at 41.5 feet (12.6 meters) in diameter. It really does look huge when you’re standing next to it, that’s for sure.

We’re continuing work on a couple more videos, since Don wants to upload once a week. I edited a script he sent me last night from someone he knows, who had a bunch of weird stuff happen at her work such as items falling off of shelves, and the like. Also, we received a story from someone through the channel’s email about an encounter when she was trying to help her boyfriend sell some guitars on Craigslist.

I hope everyone is doing well. The weather here in the hills outside of Santa Cruz has been pretty nice so we are thinking of doing a hike this weekend. We probably would go even it wasn’t nice and just dress for success, but it is much nicer when one doesn’t have to do that, of course.

* The only part I find a little tedious about helping make Youtube videos so far is the hunt and peck for suitable images and such, but you can’t have everything!

** DeLorme sold its business to Garmin in 2016. Last I checked, Eartha was still there, which is nice.

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