Warboss Command Group (Orks, 1000 Points)

A worthy try but probably still needs more dakka.
  • HQ: Warboss Hungry with power klaw & shoota, boss pole, Finking Cap = 100
  • HQ: Big Mek with kustom force field = 85
  • HQ: Painboy = 50
  • Troop: Shoota Boyz (12), rokkit, nob with boss pole = 134
    • DT: Trukk with rokkit
  • Troop: Shoota Boyz (12), big shoota, nob with boss pole = 134
    • DT: Trukk with big shoota
  • Elite: Nob Bikers (3): slugga & choppa x 2, big choppa = 140
  • Elite: Nobz (8): slugga & choppa x 4, shoota/skorcha, big choppa & shoota x 2, power klaw & waaagh banner = 339
    • DT: Battlewagon with big shoota, reinforced ram, armor plates
  • Heavy Support: Kannon = 18

I use the Ork Horde detachment from the codex, which allows me to have three HQ’s.  I personally think the Combined Arms Detachment with Objective Secured is more powerful in my games, but it is unthinkable to have Warboss Hungry expose his person to danger without his personal physician and chief engineer in attendance.  So Ork Horde it is.

Like most of my lists, this is for casual play and does pretty well at that level.  I’ve had fun playing it and people seem to enjoy playing against it.  The nobz are my boss’s elite bodyguard and collection of powerful frenemies he’s gathered together to keep an eye on them lest one of them try to usurp him.  Much, much harder to do that to his face than behind his back as experience has shown.  The bikers act as outriders for the command wagon, scouts or whatever duties it is useful to have tough, highly mobile soldiers perform.

I imagine the kannon is towed into position in the early (deployment) stages of the battle probably by one of the trukks.  The artillery mice or goblins probably cling for their lives to the gun as it lurches and bounces over rocks and debris.  Ork trukks after all seem to be only capable of one speed and that’s top speed!

American army stealing orks’ towing guns into combat idea.

4 responses to “Warboss Command Group (Orks, 1000 Points)”

  1. I’ve used the shokk attack gun a lot. You are right, it is a fun unit to play with the table they give you to roll on. I have to admit most of my stories and remembrances of it are blowing up my own side with it, but sometimes it ends up being an extremely potent unit as well. My SAG big mek is on foot, but I’m toying with the idea of building one on a bike….


      • I have put together fun lists trying to use everything that has a table/chart to roll on or a variable effect, such as lootaz rolling for the number of shots they get and so on.

        Naturally that would mean the SAG big mek would be my go-to HQ, though the Weirdboy was fun too, back in the last codex when you rolled for what power he’d manifest each turn.


  2. Have you used the shock cannon in a fun list? I dont play Orks but gone against it. Its one of the more amusing things to fight as its so random. It looks like a fun list to go against though. Need to fight some more Orks soon!

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