More Happy, Red Friends

My first walking mouth gets some new friends.

I finished two more Kromlech “Gnaws” the other day.  They come in packs of three, so that finishes off the ones I have for now.  They are solid, resin casts, so I didn’t have too much modelling work to do.  Just cleaned off flash and trimmed some mold lines.  The pieces didn’t come with bases and I thought that regular infantry bases were too small so I used terminator bases, which seem to be the right size.

My husband was right about one thing.  He looked at them and said, “They seem a little too happy for Khorne.”  Yeah, I agree, they probably would have looked better as minions of Nurgle.  But maybe they are happy because they have just been unleashed from the warp and are anticipating the orgy of violence to come?  Or maybe Khorne has a sense of humor after all?

Good things seem to be coming in three’s lately.  My next piece I’m putting the finishing touches on tonight is my second thunderwolf cavalry model.  They don’t have too much in common with gnaws except they also come three to a box.  So it’ll be a Space Wolf day soon as I stoically paint toward my long dreamt goal of having enough Space Wolves to actually play a game without having to proxy Ultramarines!

2 thoughts on “More Happy, Red Friends

  1. Heh, yes they do. That was what prompted me to buy them, really. They are pretty big though. They are slightly taller than an ork boy, though boyz admittedly are chronic slouchers. Certainly would be quite the ringer in a squig eating contest.

    I agree with you, I think of them as daemons of Gork and Mork too (“the big green foot” booting them out of orky heaven made me laugh!), even if you have to run them as something from the daemon codex and flesh hounds seem the most logical. They would probably look darkly humorous keeping up with the battlewagons as they waddle into battle, their short legs a blur of movement as they try and take bites from the advancing wagon’s whirling treads!

    I’m sure Khorne does have a sense of humor. Probably a bloody-minded one and usually at someone else’s expense, but you’d expect that from any of the ruinous powers, I’d think.


  2. They have a real ‘squig look’ about them don’t they? I hadn’t realised they were so big until you said they were on terminator bases. Think I’d field them as flesh hounds but in my mind they must be daemons of Gork or Mork. Surely when the wierdboy opens the portal and they come bounding through their emergence into real space is followed by a large, green foot sending them on their way?
    Having said that I reckon Khorne’s mortal followers probably have a pretty good sense of humour away from the battlefield so who knows? Maybe the big guy himself likes a laugh in his quieter moments?


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