Project Necron

An acquaintance gave me his necron army some time ago when he made a permanent exit from the world of 40K.  They’ve languished in my storage locker for several months.  If any of my unpainted 40K factions should repose in the gnawing darkness neglected and forgotten it seems appropriate to me somehow that it be the necrons; however, I’ve decided to start picking away at them.  So I’m refurbishing my tomb world a little at a time.  First up, some scarabs.

The tops of a few scarabs were melted by glue.  I used some sand, grass and rocks to camouflage the damage and make it appear as if the scarabs were burrowing under the sand, then emerging to ambush their victims!

My next necron project is refurbishing a unit of 20 warriors.  After that I might start using them as allies for the orks.  Only time will tell.