Battle for Hougoumont (Pacificon 2015)

A friend of mine ran a 54mm Waterloo: Battle for Hougoumont game, which didn’t make it into my previous Pacificon post.  I didn’t get a chance to play in it, unfortunately, but I did take some pictures.  As usual with Nick, his table was very nice with lots of details.

This is what  Nick wrote back when I emailed him, asking about the game: The fortified farm of Hougoumont was the anchor of the Anglo-Allied right flank. Historically, it pulled in way more French troops than the French could spare elsewhere, contributing to the Allied victory. In my game the British won on victory points, 19 to 15, if I recall corrrectly. The British lost the orchard and the formal garden and three of the buildings in the chateau were on fire, but the British broke thirteen French units while they only lost five which tipped the balance in their favor.