Ann’s Work Out Goals

This is where I will maintain a list of current goals and update later on when I’ve achieved them and come up with new goals.

  • Goal Posted: October 17, 2020
    1. Fully bend heavy spring bar for a set of 8 repetitions using both supinated and pronated grips.
  • Goals Posted: October 4, 2020
    • Close my Captain of Crush “Trainer” gripper five times with each hand.
      • Close the (T) gripper to 16mm with my left hand for 4 sets of 5 reps (Posted: Oct 19, 20.)
    • Side-Lunge Stretch: Plant foot (in shoes) flat on floor while doing this stretch, rather than going up on the ball of plant foot.  I used to be able to do this a few years ago when I was taking Tae Kwon Do. After that I will work toward planting my bare foot, which is a bit more difficult.
    • Perform a set of 100 full squats without stopping and without being overly tired at the end. After that I will start doing pistol squats using a post as an assist.
    • Perform a set of 100 two-count Dead Bugs without being overly tired at the end.