What The . . . !

I thought this piece of High Cuisine by John (or John’s wife, rather) of Just Needs Varnish! was pretty awesome so I thought I’d share it, and thank you to John for permission to do so.  I might have to try making it at some point, using all plant-based ingredients of course so my husband can have it. He has a birthday coming up soon — perhaps I will surprise him with a magnificent breakfast courtesy of John’s wife. 🙂

Just Needs Varnish!

My wife found this method of creating a special breakfast on a YouTube video, so we had a go at making it (well, she did, ’cause I’m pretty useless in the kitchen)!

Buy an uncut loaf of bread.

Cut the top off, hollow it out and then butter it.

Cook a boatload of healthy food for a breakfast or, better still, unhealthy food! There were also mushrooms and tomatoes to go with this lot, but they’re being kept warm while the serious frying goes on!

Stuff everything into the loaf and put the top on.

Carefully cut the loaf in half (only if you’re sharing – I was told I was sharing).

And voila!

Brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed it! After all, an army marches on its stomach!

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9 responses to “What The . . . !”

  1. Should this be dubbed the JNVW? It would be funny to see everyone share their own version of it. I hope I didn’t just overturn the mini challenges with Cooking Challenges, haha!

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    • A few years ago I think my hubby would have been out of luck so far as getting a good, plant-based version of John’s Wife Stuff Bread Monstrosity, but these days we’re finding there are a lot of good products that I could put in it that would actually taste good.

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