Started new site for Redwood Press

I’ve been working on a site for Redwood Press, which is going to be the name we publish under. I plan on continuing to post writing updates here but I wanted a separate place where I’m not also talking about miniatures, working out or recipes. My husband and I made a long list of names and decided on Redwood mainly because we live near redwoods and love them. Not sure that is a good basis for a name but there you have it.

Below is the general logo I plan on using for now. The website is pretty small, since this is the beginning, but like anything else it will grow in time.

I put up some writer’s guidelines and much to my surprise this morning I had over 50 stories in my inbox and I’ve gotten another 12 today so far. That was encouraging and a much greater response than I anticipated for the day after going live.

I’ve been pretty busy with this but I have managed to pick away a little each day on the Paint the Crap You Already Own! roundup. I hope to have it done by the end of the month or at the latest before the current Solstice painting challenge closes.

Have some painters coming tomorrow to paint three rooms where we tore out the carpet and put down faux wood flooring. That seems like a good time to go find a corner somewhere amongst the piles of stuff, that we had to take out of our rooms, and read some stories. Hope one of them is a really good gargoyle tale!

10 thoughts on “Started new site for Redwood Press

  1. The logo looks great and congrats on all of the submissions. I hope you’re able to keep up with them and enjoy the reading process 🙂 I helped out with a literary journal in grad school and found it to be a pretty fun and rewarding experience.

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    • Thank you, it sure is a lot and they keep coming in. I probably didn’t help my Clean Inbox aspirations by posting the submission call in a couple more market sites this morning.

      That is neat to hear that you have some experience working on a journal. I did that in college myself and also worked for a small press, though I’m finding a lot has changed in the years that have passed since my college days.

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    • Thank you, John. I’m glad that you like the logo; I have a couple that are similar and I’ll probably use them, but for now I think that is going to be the main logo.

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    • It sure is a lot, lol. It is over 100 now that the day is almost over. It is good that there are two of us doing the reading. The idea is each of us reads half and then keeps the ones we like and then we trade those and discard the rest. Then we read the piles we traded and if we both like a story we discuss and then decide on a final yea or nay.

      To be honest, this is the part I both like the best and hate the most. I like it because I like reading short stories and I’m very interested in seeing what people send. I hate this part because I don’t like saying no to people and their stories, but the reality from what I’ve been told by editors and by my experience working for a small press back in the ’90’s, it is pretty common to get so many stories that one is accepting less than 1% of what one reads. Someone I know online, who is an editor, mentioned recently that she accepted 48 stories for an anthology out of 1600!

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