The “MV-2” Steel Mace Workout

This week I present another steel mace workout patterned similarly to the MV Workout I posted a couple of weeks ago. Just like last time the exercises come from Aubrey Marcus and Coach Vaughn. All of the movements are demonstrated between both presenters’ videos. Instead of finishing with a chest press I decided to change it up and finish with the overhead press.

Also, like last time, the structure of the workout follows Marcus’ “Ultimate Steel Mace Workout” or as he calls it, “The Warrior Maker.”

Two things differentiates this workout from the MV Workout. The first and most important is that MV-2 is designed to be done where you have a low ceiling. My basement ceiling and pipework is too low to safely do Standing 360’s and Barbarian Squats and sometimes (like yesterday) I don’t want to open up the basement and go outside because it is raining.

Secondly, the MV-2 doesn’t focus very much on the legs. With the MV workout you have the squats and you also get some lunging action with the Twisted Sword Draw. There is a little glute activation in the MV-2, especially with the deadlifts, but I do find this workout suitable for days when my legs are sore, which often happens especially after doing the Wyatt.

MV-2 Steel Mace Workout

This time I provided links to each exercise, which takes you to the point in the video where Marcus or Vaughn begins their presentation of the movement in question.

Do one set of 20 reps of each of the following exercises with no rest between exercises. Then, again with no rest, do another set. With the second set switch hands or your grip and do the movements in the opposite direction where appropriate.*

I aspire to deadlift like this young prodigy I found on Amazon!

What I wrote before in the MV Workout holds here as well. You can change the rest, reps, number of sets or the size mace you use to make the workout easier or harder, or align the workout more with your goals.

* A variation is to do one set but do 20 reps of the exercise one way and then 20 reps the other way (or switching hands were appropriate) before proceeding to the next exercise. Each set done this way counts as two sets done in the usual manner.

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