March 2021 “Neglected But Not Forgotten” Painting Challenge

For March I’ll be encouraging everyone to revisit their burgeoning pile of neglected models and pick one or a few old chestnuts you started and for whatever reason stopped working on. Or maybe something you bought a year or two ago and despite your best intentions has been gathering dust ever since. I’m sure everyone, who has been involved in the hobby for more than 30 seconds, has a closet full of metal, plastic, and resin that qualifies. I know I do!*

Rules of the Challenge

  • “Neglected” means a model that you acquired at least a year ago. The models can be sitting in a box still in the shrink wrap, partially assembled, or partially painted. The key is you have to have owned them for at least a year.
  • Your model must be based unless you aren’t planning on basing it later. 
  • You can enter miniatures you are working on for other painting challenges.
  • The challenge closes on April 2nd, 2021 at midnight (your local time).  If you can’t get your picture(s) posted by that date, it is fine.  Just post as soon as you can. The best way to let me know you’ve put up a picture is to either link your post back to this one or leave a comment here.
  • Questions and/or ideas?  Let me know in the comments.

As for me, I can’t remember the last time I successfully completed a painting challenge, including my own. Fortunately I seem to be doing ok lately running challenges even if paint and brushes aren’t my priority right now.

I do have many good neglected candidates, Frank’s Pig Demon being the prime one and probably the less said about poor Becky the Bloat Drone the better. It isn’t all bad news though: I did manage to eventually finish Poxwalker #18, pictured above in its previously neglected state.

How about you — do you have any neglected miniatures you might want to revisit for March?

* I thought of doing this challenge after simultaneously failing three painting challenges all in a go last month, including my own. You’ll notice for this one I didn’t declare that I would actually get anything done since when I do … I don’t. Perhaps this time by not making any declarations, maybe I’ll actually get something done. Probably not though. 🙂

95 thoughts on “March 2021 “Neglected But Not Forgotten” Painting Challenge

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