The “MV” Steel Mace Workout

I’ve been enjoying playing with my 5 pound thrift store steel mace and learning new exercises with it. After a few weeks of this I thought it was time to start doing a workout with it. I call it the MV Workout because it is a workout presented by Aubrey Marcus where I tacked on the 360’s and Rebel Presses from Coach Vaughn. All of the movements are demonstrated between both presenters’ videos.*

MV Steel Mace Workout

Do one set of 20 reps of each of the following exercises with no rest between exercises. Then, again with no rest, do another set. With the second set switch hands or your grip and do the movements in the opposite direction where appropriate.**

    • 360’s
    • Barbarian Squats
    • Grave Diggers
    • Joust
    • Twisted Sword Draw
    • Rebel Press
  • After the final set perform 20 Chest Presses from a Horse Stance, flip the mace around to change your grip and do another 20 reps. You’re done!

If you want to make this workout easier, you can do just one set, do less repetitions or introduce rest where needed. Conversely, if you want to make it more involved, you can do more sets, more repetitions, or even do this as a Tabata, where you perform each exercise for twenty second rounds with ten seconds of rest between rounds. After eight rounds move onto the next exercise. Also, you can use a lighter or heavier implement, if you have one.

I aspire to someday be able to lift cars like Ultra Cat!

I have noticed, and Marcus points this out in his video, that for some of the exercises you can make them easier by choking up on the mace or harder by gripping lower on the handle. For example, I found the Grave Diggers very easy with my 5 pound mace but when I gripped way down on the handle I immediately felt the movement a bit more in my forearms and hands. I imagine this would be magnified if one were using a heavier mace.

* All of the movements used in this workout are contained in Aubrey Marcus’ “Ultimate Steel Mace Workout” and Coach Vaughn’s, “Beginner Steel Mace Workout.”

** I like the names for many of the exercises. I find the whole “warrior” thing neat and names like “Grave Digger” and “Rebel Press” brings on delusions of grandeur which are always welcome. Where I think perhaps it goes a bit too far is when I am reading through comments of mace videos and people start debating the merits of using the steel mace and their concomitant training for home defense and the like, though perhaps if one’s domicile were besieged by hordes of Franks or rampaging Janissaries then they might have a point. One could at least give as good as they got!

10 thoughts on “The “MV” Steel Mace Workout

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  2. Adding some weights is a good way to make exercises you’ve started to master even harder. I’ve been thinking that in a month or two, I might need to go that route for some of my cardio routines. I am in favor of the macho names too. I find that some exercises with innocuous names (burpees, squats, lunges) are actually the hardest!

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    • That is true about innocuous names. I remember the first time I heard the term “burpees” many years before Crossfit made them popular and immediately thought, “Uh oh!” because I had seen this phenomenon before. To the uninitiated doing 50 “Grave Diggers” sounds hard but it is the burpees you gotta watch out for!

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    • I found mine at a second hand shop, which is why I call it what I do. I don’t know what brand mine is though it looked pretty much new when I bought it. I suspect someone bought it or got it as a gift and never used it.

      I like going to the thrift store. It kind of reminds me of that old “Deep Space Nine” episode where Nog helps O’Brien get some part he needs by making a bunch of goofy trades and talking about the “Great Material Continuum” and how “the river provides if you navigate it with skill and grace.” I often think that about the thrift store. If you wait and keep your eyes open eventually almost everything makes it way to the place. Sometimes though, one wants something specific today and doesn’t want to navigate the river of supply and demand.,_Faith,_and_the_Great_River

      They are readily available on Amazon by searching for “steel mace” or “steel mace bell.” A company I keep hearing about when I read about maces is Onnit. I’ve heard good things about their products, though I have no idea first hand; only what I’ve heard online. The only bad thing I’ve heard about them is sometimes they are out of stock on things for a long time. There are tons of different places selling the things.

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      • Thanks! I wasn’t sure if it was something you bought at a dollar store (that would be a serious find!) or something you maybe crafted. An actual “thrift store” makes sense though, and fitness equipment does seem to make it’s way there quite often as humans often change their minds about things. πŸ˜‰

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        • Yes, getting something like that in a dollar store would indeed be one heck of a find! I remember selling a bunch of equipment years ago when we moved across the country. It wasn’t feasible to bring it with us; some of it I sure wish we had been able to keep.

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    • The mace is a lot of fun and along with the clubs allows for some very different things than what I’ve traditionally done with regular weights, and you are right about the zombies. By my reckoning you’d get a +3 to both attack and damage rolls using the steel mace against zombies. Only +1/+1 though with the indian clubs unless you can dual wield with proficiency, in which case I’d allow the full bonus. πŸ˜€

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