Dave Stone’s “Paint What You Got” community challenge

Dave Stone at Wargames Terrain Workshop announced he is doing his Paint What You Got community painting challenge. The idea is to paint one or more models of any type and with the deadline not being until February 28, 2021 there is plenty of time.

My plan is to finally finish Frank’s Pig Demon and since it is a two month challenge perhaps the Hero Forge gnome, who apparently really likes dragons, which I’m painting for a friend. This will allow Frank’s demon to pull double duty, since I plan on having it be the first miniature I complete in 2021 for my own painting challenge.

I’ve made a little progress on the pig demon since I look the pictures in this post. I’ve done the blue shading on his cloak and made a beginning at cleaning it up with more of the base color before I do the final layer and highlights. I hope to have that stage done by the end of next week and then after that I’ll turn my attention to the trident.

I traditionally have several miniatures going at once on the painting table and I am feeling some temptation to make a start at working on the gnome while I press on with the demon. However, I feel compelled to resist that particular siren song because of how long a road it has been with the demon. Now that I’m nearing completion I think it is better to focus my efforts before moving onto another project. Perhaps things will all work out so that my friend’s gnome can find a home in both Dave’s challenge and Alex’s yearly Fembruary challenge at Leadballoony.

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    • Thank you, Faust. I’m pretty happy and I won’t lie, a bit pleasantly surprised about how the skin turned out. I was thinking of doing more yellow in the belly area but right now I’m thinking it might be better to just leave well enough alone on that score. I am thinking if I ever get around to doing my bloodthirster, I will probably use a similar scheme with its flesh as well if I don’t go for a black scheme like I saw in an old White Dwarf I have kicking around from back when they were doing a Khorne blitz a few years ago.

      As for the face, I wish that the trident hadn’t been glued on so it pretty much obscures the face. Makes it harder to take pictures and I think it detracts a little from the miniature.

      Did a little work on the cape yesterday. Plan on doing some more today and tomorrow.

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      • Oh, if you find the Black Bloodthirster pic, I’d be interested in seeing it. The skin tone you use here though, would be perfect for the Bloodthirster as well.

        It’s funny, they have a Bloodthirster team for the Blood Bowl computer game. I’ve thought about trying to convert some someday, as it would be a fun team to make/paint. I hear they aren’t too much like they are in Warhammer, but I’m happily oblivious to it.

        Keep up the nice painting! I’ve been on a hiatus lately, due to waiting on paints and work being a royal pain in the @#$%.

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        • The bloodthirster I’m thinking of was in the February 28, 2015 White Dwarf. I think it looks pretty good with the Bugman’s Glow base wings they did.

          I didn’t know they had a bloodthirster team. Sounds kind of neat. I don’t imagine they’d be too much like the ones in 40K/AoS, lol. If they were they’d probably eat the ball, set the pitch on fire and not be happy until they’ve either been sent back to the warp or obliterated both teams and the entire crowd. 🙂

          Let me know if you don’t have access to that issue and I can take a picture with my phone. Their recipe is base with Abaddon Black, dry brush with Rhinox Hide and then some highlight layers with Tuskgor Fur and then over that with Kislev Flesh.

          I hope you are able to get back to painting soon or at least as soon as you feel like it. I didn’t do a lot of painting in 2020 mainly because what was working for me before — painting in the evenings out in the living room — wasn’t working anymore. I’ve changed that up to where I made a painting station against one wall of my hobby room/office and I paint a little here and there during the day, which seems to work much better these days.

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          • Congrats on getting your own painting station. I’d really love to see a pic of all our fellow bloggers space…damn it,
            I’m going to take that happen this year then. I’ll post something on my blog asking people for photos and display them. Might be in Feb, when I’m less busy.

            I don’t have many White Dwarf mags, but I can certainly picture it from the recipe. Sounds pretty cool.

            After the Orcs got done, I dabbled a bit. Well, basically floundered, as nothing I worked on seems to go anywhere and then I found I needed some more paints. So, instead of painting a little every night, I’ve skipped painting for close to 2 weeks now. The airbrush paint I was “waiting” on (not like I don’t have a crap ton of other models to paint!), arrived last night though. So tomorrow I’ll start spraying in the garage and get my butt back in gear. Depending on how many all-nighters work is going to keep throwing on me.

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  1. I’m working on the assumption I’ll get something painted for Dave’s challenge, but the first thing I paint this year will also count as part of your challenge. I don’t know what that’s going to be either! Like yourself, I’ve got several models on the go at the moment but am nowhere near finishing any of them yet!

    Hope you enjoyed the holiday period and a Happy New Year to you! 🙂

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    • Sounds good, John. 🙂 I thinking that I’ll have done well if I get both the demon and the gnome done before Dave’s challenge ends, though if I end up painting something else, I will probably pick one of my many abandoned projects as a candidate.

      I did enjoy the holidays quite a bit. Had a nice time at home with my husband and he had a couple of weeks off at the end of the year and we got in quite a bit of local hiking, which was fun. I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well.

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      • Good to get some hiking in! 🙂 I enjoyed the break, although it’s turned a bit colder here (but, then again, it is winter)! I got the chance to catch up on my reading while still being able to prepare figures for painting in the (hopefully) near future.

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