Frank’s Pig Demon’s Loincloth (WIP)

I put a little more color on Frank’s Pig Demon today after having left our fiend to its own devices since early October. This time I focused on the loincloth.

My plan is to finish this miniature (and finally give it back to Frank) before the end of January for the community painting challenge I announced a few days ago.

I used Duncan Rhodes’ “White Aelf Robes” tutorial for the loincloth, which is:

  • Base with Celestra Grey
  • Shade creases with mix of Drakenhof Nightshade and Lahmian Medium.
  • Layer with Ulthuan Grey
  • Highlight with White Scar

I like how the loincloth turned out, though I could have used a bit more more medium and less blue shade (I used about a 50/50 mix of each) to achieve a lighter, more subtle effect. I’ll probably try something along these lines with the cloak where I shade the deeper recesses like I did the loincloth but mix in more medium for the shallow bits, especially on top of the cloak where it might be lighter.

I am going to play around with this recipe and experiment with some other miniatures in the future. I think some blueish white cloth might look pretty good on my Changeling. I suspect at this point the daemon would welcome some cloth in pretty much any color given that it has been sitting neglected (beyond a cursory spray with white primer) since April 2018 when I did a personal assembly challenge. It might also be interesting to do a wraith’s robes in this color or perhaps a daemonette’s hair. Heck, I could even see doing a unit of plaguebearer using this color for their flesh. Lots of possibilities.

So finishing the cloak is next up for Frank’s Pig Demon. After that I’ll tackle the trident and then after that all I’ll have to do is make a few minor tweaks, base it and I’ll be done.

10 responses to “Frank’s Pig Demon’s Loincloth (WIP)”

  1. John is right, that is a great looking loincloth! 😀 I’d say Duncan’s scheme worked well and I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to use a blue shade for it. My go to would be a medium gray like Dawnstone and I don’t think that would give it as much contrast as you’ve accomplished. Not much further to go on this guy now! 🙂

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    • Thank you very much. I wouldn’t have thought to have used a blue shade either. I did use a lot more of the White Scar, turning it into a final layer rather than just using it for some highlights like Duncan did. I think I’m going to keep a lighter hand on the White Scar for the cloak and see how it turns out. I can always add more color to make the cloak match the loincloth if I want, but we’ll see.

      Hehe, yeah, almost done. After the clothing is done, just have to do the trident, make a few minor tweaks and then base it. Looking forward to doing something simpler after I give Frank his demon back finally.

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    • Thank you. I still feel like I have quite a bit to learn before I’ll feel comfortable with cloth, but I’m more comfortable with it now than I was earlier in 2020, when I was painting those dwarves with the red cloaks.


    • Thank you very much, Alex. I’ll take all of the positive Get-Frank’s-Pig-Demon vibes I can get. Yes, it is a complex piece for me; I’m used to painting squads of less complex guys but I’m glad I agreed to paint it because I probably wouldn’t have attempted it on my own and if I did would have gone with a Nurgle theme without even thinking much about it versus the theme I used, which is what my friend said he wanted.

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    • Heh, yeah, “nice loincloth” is one of those phrases that certainly depends a lot on context. I must confess that it reminds me of some of the Harlequin romances I used to read a lot of when I was into that sort of thing back in the ’80’s/early-’90’s and of course one is reminded of the Tarzan books, which are pretty much romance novels too, just written with a shift in terms of who is the protagonist.

      Thank you, John, I’m happy enough with it. Especially for a first attempt at the recipe and also it is good practice since I don’t have a lot of experience doing too much with painting cloaks, folded cloth, etc. Those dwarves I did awhile back now with the red cloaks were good practice though. I plan on doing the demon’s cloak over the next few days so hopefully it’ll come out ok too. I’m thinking of trying to make a trip to the art store today and see if I can find an acrylic paint that is an even brighter white than White Scar, which is pretty bright and using that to perhaps add a few more very light highlights to the loincloth. I went much heavier with the white than Duncan did, so I think the cloth I did could profit from a few more highlights, though I don’t think it it’ll be terribly noticeable at board game distances so if I can find any paint to my liking I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

      Hope you are having a good holiday season thus far. Pretty fun here. 🙂

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  2. Great progress Ann, like the recipe you’ve used on the cloth, you can do the same with many of the shades, I use Druchi violet on demon skin, but you could easily use Biel-Tan green on plaguebearers and so on, experimenting is the key here

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    • Thank you, Dave, and I agree, it is good to experiment and you bring up a good point about shades too. Goodness knows I have tons and tons of miniatures (as most of us probably do) so there is no lack of material to experiment on. I like the recipe too. It is pretty easy and makes for decent results.

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