Sloth: Anthology from “Seven Deadly Sins” series.

Sloth is the third title of an anthology of short stories and micro fiction published by Black Hare Press out of Melbourne, Australia. The first two books in the series are Pride and Lust respectively.* I received a copy in the mail a fair time ago and I think that it is keeping with the theme of the anthology that I’m only posting this now. I’m sure the banana slugs from a few days ago would agree!

My small contribution to this colorful book was a quick, two page piece of micro fiction entitled, “I Want My Blanket,” where the denizens of the underworld gather upon the Plains of Paradox to witness a competition among imps with the prize being promotion to full devil and service with the Grand Devil itself. (Best not to dwell too much on the fates of the losers!)

The story came from a 2019 Halloween prompt where one was supposed to write a very short story that included a list of certain words such as “ominous” and the like.

I’m still reading Sloth and so far I would characterize some of the stories as straight Horror with shocking elements, exploration of the unknown or taboos and so on, while others seem more in the realm of dark fantasy or like the story I read last night, “The Last Stand” by Jo Mularczyk, dystopian science fiction. The tone of the stories varies, ranging from somewhat gritty to playful.

Now I don’t want to say too much more because this post isn’t meant to be a book review, since I don’t think it is seemly for me to review a book I have a piece of writing in. Even if it is only a two page curio touching upon the formalities of infernals. That said, my favorite stories so far have been “Death Care” by A.R. Dean and “One Hit Wonder” by A.L. King.

  • Publisher: Black Hare Press
  • Editors: Ben Thomas & D. Kershaw
  • Horror Short Story Anthology, released 2020
  • Available Formats: Hard Cover, Paperback, Kindle eBook
  • Hard Cover Pages: 447
  • Find Book on Amazon

* Book four, Envy, has also been released. As I understand, the next book in the seven book series will be Greed.

13 responses to “Sloth: Anthology from “Seven Deadly Sins” series.”

  1. Awesome. Having a website about sloths this is an interesting topic for me 🙂 Congrats on getting published, is not every one who goes that extra step. Good luck 🙂 Sloth on! Leo Garcia @

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    • Sloths are pretty neat. I remember reading about a giant sloth called megatherium years ago that impressed me. Thank you, I find it fun to try and get stuff published now and again, though I’ve never tried to take it beyond the hobby stage.

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    • Well, it will be there in the future if you ever change your mind, John. 🙂 I like the expression “light demolition” too. I first came across it years ago when I was applying for a driving job at a construction company and saw it in another job they were trying to fill for a general laborer. I kind of like how the phrase rolls off the tongue too. Seems bright and energetic somehow.

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    • Hehehehe, it is encouraging to know that it was a temptation. 🙂 If it helps, if you click on the black and white slug it’ll take you to an informational page on Wikipedia about slugs in general.

      Thank you, John. I’m working on another story today and tomorrow (as well as doing a little light demolition around the house) that I plan on sending to the same publishing house that put out Sloth. It has to be exactly 500 words or about three pages.

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