Work Outs: Sep 27 – Oct 3, 2020 (The Fence Made of Branches)

Our basement home gym is taking shape. We found a slightly used double cable machine for a good price, which will add a lot to the types of exercises we can do.

Here is a picture of a fence made of dead branches along one of the trails in one of our favorite hiking areas. It varies from about four to over seven feet high. From what I understand people have been maintaining and working on it for quite a long time. I’m glad it didn’t burn in the recent fires!

Sun, September 27th

Rest day.

Mon, September 28th

Did a morning stretch that took about 30 minutes, following a video, “Beginner Flexibility Routine,” on the MadFit Youtube channel. It looks like we probably won’t get in as much walking this week as last because of my husband’s schedule.

Calories: 1916, Protein: 102 g.

Tues, September 29th

Early morning walk in the forest for 2.84 miles.

Afternoon: Dead Bugs (2-ct) x 20 reps | Did the “30 Min Full Body Stretch” video by Pamela Reif.

Calories: 1972, Protein: 87 g.

Wed, September 30th

  • Morning Walk: 2.02 miles.
  • Afternoon Training
    • Superset: [Standing Pushups using basement counter: 4 sets x 12 reps] + [Standing Cable Flies: 10 lbs. x 4 sets x 12 reps]
    • Shoulder Complex with 5 lb. DB’s: Three Sets { [Side Laterals x 7 reps ] + [Front Raises x 7 reps] + [Rear Delt Rows x 7 reps] + [Arnold Presses x 10 reps] }
      • Set 1: Sitting on floor.
      • Set 2: Kneeling.
      • Set 3: Standing.
      • There is no rest between exercises or sets. This shoulder complex is from Jeff Cavaliere’s “Dumbbell Shoulder Workout” video.
    • Super Set: [Tricep Cable Pushdowns (tri bar): 30 lbs. x sets 1-2 x 12 reps; 35 lbs. x sets 3-4 x 12 reps] + [Bend Spring Bar: 2 sets with hands pronated and two supinated x 12 reps]
    • Super Set: [CoC Gripper (S): 3 sets x 5 reps; CoC Gripper (T) or Trainer: 1 set x 5 reps but not able to close it completely very well with either hand.] +
      • (Set 1) Crunches: 30 reps
      • (Set 2) Dead Bugs (2-ct): 20 reps
      • (Set 3) American Kettlebell Swing: 15 lbs. x 12 reps
      • (Set 4) Full Squats: 20 reps
    • Did “Introduction to Krav Maga – White Belt Class #1” video by Global Martial Arts University.
    • Stretched for about 10 minutes.

Calories: 1916, Protein: 121 g.

Thurs, October 1st

Rest Day. Did 20 minutes of stretching, lacrosse ball and foam roller restorative work.

The Fence Made of Branches is located in the small, faeriesque Land of the Messed up Trees. You’ll note the tree in the upper right of this picture. There are many of those trees in the area. Maybe next week, if we happen to hike again in that area I’ll take some pictures in the Land of the Messed Up Trees and post them with next week’s work out.

Calories: 1931, Protein: 117 g.

Fri, October 2nd

  • Afternoon Training
    • Standing DB Cable Rows: 40 lbs. x 4 sets x 12 reps
    • Superset: Four Sets { [Standing DB Bicep Curls: 10 lbs. x sets 1-2 x 12 reps; 15 lbs. x sets 3-4 x 12 reps] + [Wrist Rolling: 5 lbs., rolling up and down twice while standing on 16″ platform] }
    • Giant Set: [Face Pulls: 10 lbs. x 12 reps] + [Alternating one-handed American Kettlebell Swings (2-ct): 15 lbs. x 12 reps] + [Leg Raises x 12] + [DB Wrist Curls: 15 lbs. x 12 reps]
    • CoC(S) Gripper: 2 sets x 5 reps; CoC(T): 2 sets x 5 reps. Can’t quite close (T) grippers yet, which is 100 lbs. versus the 80 lb. “Sport” set, which I can close easily.
    • Stretched for about 20 minutes.

Calories: 1964, Protein: 113 g.

Sat, October 3rd

  • Afternoon Training
    • Stationary Recumbent Bike: 30 Minutes, Manual Program, ~ 70 rpm’s, Level 6
    • Leg Complex: Four Sets { [Romanian Dead Lift (broom handle): 12 reps] + [Full Squats: 12 reps] + [Walking Lunges (2-ct): 6 reps] + Side Kick Stretch (2-ct): 12 reps] }
    • Stretched for 10 minutes.

Calories: 1995, Protein: 95 g. (Lost 2.6 lbs. this week for a total of 15.2 lbs.)

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