Captain of Crush Grippers

This post was originally on my now defunct workout blog. I decided to rework it a bit and present it here. I hope to get some painting done on Frank’s Pig Demon this weekend. My goal is to finish its trident and tidy up the base coat on the cloak and such.

I added a new Ironmind Captains of Crush gripper — the “Sport” or 80 lb. gripper to my little collection of hand and forearm strengthening devices. The series goes up to a magnificent 365 lbs., which I’ll most certainly never be able to close though my husband might someday.

I bought the Sport gripper because I wanted a warm-up gripper lighter than the “Trainer” gripper (100 lbs.), which is what I’m working on getting better at closing. I can close the Trainer maybe once or twice with my good hand and almost close it once with my left. I’m working toward being able to close the Trainer five times with either hand. Hopefully by the end of the year….

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Right now we have up to 237.5 lbs., which in Ironmind parlance is Level 2.5. I originally purchased the set as a Christmas present for my husband and we kept them on the coffee table. These days they live in the basement we are putting together as our home gym.

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    • Thanks, Azazel, I”ll have to check it out. I really do need some motivation to get that wretched demon done! I poked around and didn’t see a post for the Dreadtober 2020; would you mind pointing me in the right direction, please, when you have a spare moment? 🙂


  1. Interesting. I’ve not been using mine for awhile now, as I’ve slacked off in my training with the plague and winter and all of the other shit that keeps happening (seemingly nonstop). All I know about mine is that they’re adjustable, and… well, not much else, but yours look much more ordered.
    My own hand strength stuff has been doing several sets of farmer’s walks somewhere between every day and a few times a week down the street to the corner. By the time I’m almost halfway through the third set, it’s pretty uncomfortable, and the fourth set is hell and kills me for the rest of the day, so I figure it must be doing something right. I should probably go do them now before it rains and while it’s quiet out there, actually..

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    • Hahaha, well, I’m working on it. I got into hand training (if you set aside the issue of pickle jars) back when I started deadlifting and was doing some small, local competitions as part of working at a gym. I found that my grip was always my weak link so I started working on it then found that, for me anyway, of all the muscles groups in the body, having developed hands and forearms was pretty much the most functional thing I could work on for day-to-day life.

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      • I could do with some of that for sure. I’m weak as a kitten with my grip – I can just about hold a brush.

        I was thinking back to few years ago when my daughter was ill in hospital I shook the hand of this young lady doctor. She was only petite but had such a strong grip it about reduced my hand to powder! She noticed my anguished face and apologised for forgetting about her powerful grip! Apparently it was something to do with her medical speciality, resetting joints or something requiring very physical work with her hands and she’d developed this vice-like crushing grip. To look at her you’d never have guessed!

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