Completed Poxwalker Mob!

Let the plague bells ring!  Friends, I have at long last closed the books on my mob of twenty Dark Imperium poxwalkers with this round-up.  I started putting the wretches together in June 2017, when the boxed set came out, and now we come full circle to June 2020.  What a long, disease-ridden road (punctuated with both apathy and frenzied activity) it has been!

Twenty Poxwalkers June 10 2020
For the Grandfather!

My Dark Imperium poxwalker posts for this mob:

Although it took me three years to get the full mob painted, my poxwalkers have certainly distinguished themselves in battle, along with their running mates the plaguebearers, especially during that fruitful time of mid-2017 through 2018, when I was playing games of Warhammer 40K almost every week.

I’ve built up a pretty decent-sized force of minor Nurgle troops thus far.  Twenty plaguebearers with a couple of minor leader types, the poxwalkers (of course) and let’s not forget the semi-official mascots including Toad, Rusty the rust monster, and the bit box skeletal snake thingie.

So what’s next Nurgle-wise?  I have no shortage of projects to choose from, but the one that shines turgidly forth burbling out to be kicked back to the top of the painting heap is my long suffering daemon engine, Becky the Bloat Drone.  She has been abandoned not once but twice and maybe even thrice, though I’ve lost track so I am not sure about that.  We’ll have to see what we can do to remedy the situation once Frank’s Pig Demon is done.

Becky the Bloater WIP Ink Sketch 400 wide
Being a daemon engine ain’t easy.

Until next time, qapla’ and …

Paint On keeping fighting guy


28 responses to “Completed Poxwalker Mob!”

  1. Congrats on finally reaching the end of this Poxwalker-shaped (flavoured?) hill and conquering the pestulent ones! They look quite the horrid horde, too! 🙂
    Now finally time for Becky to get hers…

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    • Thank you. Yes, I really should finish Becky, though something always seems to conspire to keep her from getting done. I thought I was going to get to her after finishing the pig demon, but now I found myself agreeing to paint a friend’s Hero Forge gnome miniature, that represents her War of Warcraft character. Maybe I’ll try and work Becky in at the same time. We’ll see. It is a good thing that the Death Guard is patient because it sure is taking me a long time to get my forces in some semblance of suitability. 🙂


  2. Ann, congrats on this achievement. Putting a large force together in a cohesive way is right up my alley and yours is very well done and impressively painted. I do not play 40k but would love to see these in a game. Hopefully you’ll let us know how they perform in battle! Kudos!

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    • Thank you, Mark. I had a lot of fun painting them, and the plaguebearers too, though I’m glad they are finally done. I’ve actually used them in games quite a lot over the last couple of years, though I am in a dry spell of not really playing much 40K lately and concentrating more on painting and (before the pandemic) playing D&D.

      I found the poxwalkers did really well in that they were cheap points-wise to add to the army (they are pretty much chaff) and they had some good, zombie-based special rules that made them good. Although they were slow, they never took morale checks so they wouldn’t run away until the last poxwalker and were often good for screening other, better units, typing up your opponents units and so on.

      The thing that made them the most powerful was they could create more poxwalkers by killing enemy infantry models, and you didn’t have to pay points to make that happen. They also had a special ability you could activate from time to time where if your own infantry died then if you had poxwalkers nearby your own dead infantry would arise as poxwalkers. I took advantage of this one game by fielding a bunch of poxwalkers along with some cheap daemon chaff and cheap cultist infantry. My opponent found if he killed the poxwalkers then he would be swamped by daemons, many of whom were very good at hand-to-hand combat. If he killed the daemons, then the poxwalker mob would grow to the point where it swamped the board. If he killed some of both, then he’d get swamped by both. I quickly saw this list-building strategy to be a powerful one that could really only be countered by specific lists. Since that isn’t the kind of 40K I generally like playing, I didn’t field that list again but it was fun in that one game.

      Games Workshop later on “fixed” that build by saying that if you want to generate extra poxwalkers you have to pay in advance to do so, which made that option much less powerful.

      As for the new edition of 40K coming out (9th), I guess I’ll have to wait and see how poxwalkers do.


  3. They are looking great! I think working on them over a longer period has paid off as they are all individualised with different painting techniques. That’s less likely to happen when assembly line painting.

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    • That’s true. What you gain with batch painting you often lose in individuality. Thank you for the compliment. While some of them could have come out better – there’s always room for improvement – and I think the later ones look better than the earlier ones (it did take three years after all!) I’m very happy with the mob in general.

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  4. Well done, an achievement long in the making and well worth the effort, they’re looking wonderfully pestilential! Looking forward to seeing Becky come buzzing out to join them soon!

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  5. A great job you have done Ann , although I’m a newby when it comes to Poxwalks I have come to like them very much , 😂. One thing that Did draw my attention was that snake skeleton, it’s so different I just love it 🥰.

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    • Thank you, Alex. Yeah, I’m putting Becky at the head of the painting queue as soon as Frank’s Pig Demon is done. I made some good progress on him last night and am on a bit of a roll pig demon-painting wise. Got nine of the skulls done … only (I think) eleven more to go.

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    • Thank you. It was fun to see them all painted up together. I have used them in games a few times, especially in 2018, but some of them were always unpainted being a WIP as a unit. Next up on the blog is some pig demon-looking thing that a friend asked me to paint for him. It comes from some board game and I’ve had it kicking around so long that I forgot I had it and my friend forgot he gave it to me or even what game it came from, lol. In my defense, I have asked him a couple of times if he still wanted me to paint it eventually and he said, “Yes,” and he had the misfortune to hand it to me (I had taken my then just finished Khorne daemon prince over to show it off in person to my gaming group) right before I got tired of painting and didn’t pick up a brush for about six months. 😦

      Left to my own devices I’d have probably done some sort of diseased theme to it, but my friend wanted it to have red skin and “not be diseased,” so I’m painting it accordingly. Hope to have it done before July 3rd so I have something to put up for the painting challenge.

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    • Thank you, John. It is good to have them done and have a moment of saying, “Well, that’s done then!” before having Becky grumble and burble at me ruefully from the bottom shelf of the display case with all of the other abandoned projects. 🙂


  6. Excellent work on all your poxwalkers, and your plaguebearers look great too, Hope you can finish your bloat drone this time, would be a suitable size for your models of magnitude challenge !

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    • Thank you, Dave. I very much hope that the Fertile Mechanicum at my house can finally get poor Becky painted. I didn’t know that daemon engines and old, metal undead miniatures were so sensitive, but there it is! So far as the challenge goes, I’m pinning my hopes on getting Frank’s Pig Demon done, and I’m making good progress on that front. I chose FPD because I want to get Frank’s miniature back to him. I’d say right now it is about 60% done so unless I get lazy, which certainly has happened before, I have a very good shot at getting it done by the July 3rd deadline. If I have a bout of frenzied activity, which has also happened before, maybe I’ll even get it done before the end of the month.

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