Commissar Poxwalker #19 Completed

I finished Commissar Poxwalker #19 here before its counterpart, Khorne Flower Poxwalker #20, who is also a commissar, as chance would have it.*  The picture-taking got a little out of order but I’ve gotten that all sorted and can now present this (not quite) latest addition to my foetid forces.

Poxwalker #19 Front view June 9 2020
There wasn’t a lot of blister and pox highlighting to be done on this one, because of the greatcoat, so I thought I’d go for a fairly mild case of yellow mold.**  This time I was careful to spread the texture paste without pulling away the paste too much with my sculpting tool.  I wasn’t going for a bunch of little spiky bits like I got on my poxbringer’s arm.

I forget how I painted the mold this time, but it looks like I used some bright green, followed by bright yellow and then a glaze from maybe Waywatcher Green or perhaps Biel-Tan Green with a little satin finish.  I’ll have to try this again and write down what I did next time so I don’t forget in the time between completing the model and typing up a blog post.

Poxwalker #19 rear view June 9 2020

I did the dorsal tentacles and left arm with Flesh Tearers Red Contrast and Nuln Oil Gloss, then brightened them up with some thinned down Blood Angels Red Contrast followed by Evil Sun Scarlet.  I used Basilicanum Grey Contrast to emphasize the separations between the tentacles.  I find using contrast paint in this way easier than using washes because the former don’t flow all over the place so one can be a bit more targeted.

I’ve been having fun lately doing a little post-production with my pictures.***  So we’ll wrap up Commissar Poxwalker’s moment in the Verdigris Sun with a few of these sort of offerings.  Don’t mind Bits Box Skeletal Snake Thingie; I think it has spent so many years entombed in the sepulchral darkness of the game store bits box that it grabs any chance for attention it can get.  Truly, it is incredibly needy for a mindless undead.****

So that is it for this penultimate poxwalker post.  I’ll do one more of the whole crew and put paid to this playful party of putrescent perambulators.  I’m continuing to work on Frank’s Pig Demon, which I hope to have done before the end of June, since that is my planned offering for the Miniatures of Magnitude Painting Challenge.

Take care all.

Red Biohard clip art with circle around it 100 wide

* Or possesses the greatcoat of a commissar, which can be much the same thing at times.

** I had a bit of a chuckle reading what my poxbringer had to say about yellow mold almost two years ago now.  I had completely forgotten about our little chat.

*** If this continues I might have to break down and learn how to use Photoshop versus just fiddling around with the little paint program I’m currently fumbling around with.

**** For instance, Skeletal Snake is constantly reminding me that it “never got its own blog post and just got stuck in with some badly-painted poxwalkers like 30 years ago.”  Even though I’ve promised to use it in a D&D game someday and have given this pestiferous haunt a place as a token/marker/mascot in my forces, I still have to put up with its whining.  This is surely not what I expected when I began perusing forbidden tomes and conducting vile painting experiments.  Oh well, now it’s got me whining too.  Such is the hard life of a Necromantrix!

27 responses to “Commissar Poxwalker #19 Completed”

  1. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say superb blog!


    • Thank you. To be honest, the excellent photos you and some others do have made me want to try and do a better job with my photos as well and try to improve that end of things at least a little.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s quite the compliment, thank you. I’m not sure if you’re into podcasts but I did an episode (15) on how I go about my photography. It’s simple but I get the results I like. The podcast is called Imperial Rebel Ork Podcast and can be found on Spotify, ITunes etc.

        Liked by 1 person

        • You’re welcome; it is much deserved. Podcasts aren’t something I generally go looking for, but I’ll give episode 15 a listen, thank you. I can certainly use some photography tips!

          Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Dave. It is fun to watch the collection grow, even if it does so slowly. The only real disadvantage I am feeling right now about painting Nurgle models is the general lack of peacock shields.


    • Thanks, Pete. I was worried that I was going to find the balance of it coming out grotty enough but not too grotty. I’ve found, doing these poxwalkers, that it is easy to get carried away and have them come out too grotty.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Dave. I tried to go for a distinct look for each one while unifying them through the color of their rags/clothes. I thought it would be nice to do this since I wasn’t doing too much in the way of customization like, say, Wudugast did with his excellent poxwalkers.

      Hey, Dave, I noticed that your blog in on Blogger. Do you have a way on your site so one can follow it by email? For some reason your site doesn’t display correctly to me so there are overlapping areas covering up some stuff. I clicked the Follow button, which was half obscured behind some other stuff, but I’m not really on Blogger so I don’t think I’m getting notifications when you put up new stuff. Also, I’ll have to go and check my version of Chrome to make sure that isn’t the problem, and perhaps I need to update it. I’m pretty sure I’m running the most recent version though.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think that is one of the drawbacks with blogger Ann, that it doesn’t alert you via email, it’s why I have the blog list on the side so I can instantly see who’s posted up something new, I noticed your follower icon is sitting over next, but as there is no one on the next page, just a blank tag it won’t let you click on it, hope this helps, but if you need more information I will ask some of the others who use blogger and are more computer literate

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        • I wonder if the widget in WordPress for displaying “blogs I follow” would do the same thing? If so perhaps I could use that to alert me when the several non-Wordpress blogs I’d like to follow but can’t, which also don’t have an option for following by email, update? I guess the only way to find out is to try it out and see.


    • Many thanks. I’ve been working on learning to do more with post production on my images for the blog. I’m thinking that I might try and start learning how to use Photoshop at some point soon.

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    • Thank you, John, I’m very pleased you find him disgusting but color-coordinated. I’m sure you are right and that if one wants to be a hip Poxwalker About the Town, one must pay careful attention to one’s wardrobe and wretched rags vis-a-vis the current state of ones guts and other viscera.

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