Poxwalker #17 (MAGAPPXWLKR-XVII)**

I decided at long last to finish up my poor, long-suffering friend, good old Work-in-Progress Poxwalker #17.  I guess it needs a new name now since this zombie is a WIP no longer.  How about Mechanical Arm Green and Purple Poxwalker #17 or MAGPPXWLKER-XVII to use something approaching a more official-sounding Death Guard designation?

Not sure why the silly cat felt a need to wander into the picture.

I didn’t tread into too much new territory with my latest minion, though the belly tentacles sort of went through various shades of purple and blue and purple again.  Oh, and of course I continued my usual practice of putting a ton of work into getting some small, fiddly, inconsequential detail just so, only to cover it with snot, grime and blood.  So there’s that.*

OTOH, toads and Nurgle go together like peanut butter and pus.  Yummy!

I continue to pick away at my four dwarves and hope to get them done by the Squaduary deadline of February 28th.  It is going to be a close thing and right now I put my chances at 50/50.  I am working on them every night though and even if I don’t make the deadline I’m going to continue to prioritize getting them done because I want them for my D&D games.

Speaking of painting challenges, I thought maybe I’d do one or two of my own this year because … why not?  I was thinking of something along the lines of next month being March Marauders and Might where the theme can be miniatures that are either singular, mighty heroes and monsters, such as a giant or a space marine hero/captain/whatever, or marauders in the sense of being despoilers, bandits or invaders.***

A very broad theme indeed, I think.  More on that next time if I decide to do it.  If so, I have a group of six Etsy bugbear-looking things with maces and halberds that seem pretty suitable, and if I’m feeling really squirrelly there is always the Abandoned Lonely Bloat Drone. that continues to languish away in my miniatures case.

Death Guard Symbol 125 wide

* In this case it was the little tri-lobed Death Guard amulet thingie depending from a cord on its loincloth.  I took great pains with getting the red and white bits just so.  I’m not sure if I should try again or not with the amulet on the next one (the yellow loincloth and black leather belt twin of this one) and then unsuccessfully try not to obscure my work again?  Knowing me, I probably will and regret it!  After all, a true mark of a good Chaos Noble is the fact that when “nothing else works, then a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through.”

“I am 100% certain I’ll finish those dwarves by the 28th!”

** Hi John. This is the mandatory, pseudo-official Nurgle warning so as not to spoil that period of time you block out each day (or several times each day?) for your tea and baked goods-related activities!

*** They can be good-guy invaders or bad-guy invaders.  It matters not so long as the blood and paint both continue to flow.

22 responses to “Poxwalker #17 (MAGAPPXWLKR-XVII)**”

  1. didn’t realise the Pox walkers could look so good, i recently painted my 6 death squad followed by Noxiuos Blighbringer but sold the poxwalkers on the sprue as i didn’t think they looked interesting, also sold the bloat drone but i did really fancy painting that..

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    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my humble, little poxwalkers. It is funny that you mentioned getting rid of yours; a lot of people I know seemed to be of the same option as you. I have maybe 100 or 120 of them that people have given to me, sold me for buying them a Coke, etc. I had a moment of Dark Hope that I wanted to crush all and sundry with my evil poxwalker farm, but alas, my glacial painting speed and the change in the rules crushed whatever vain hopes I had in that direction.

      Still, I’m enjoying painting up the little buggers. I’ll probably eventually get around to doing that pack of six snap-together ones (I love the one with the grenade flail, lol) one of these days.

      I finished Poxwalker #18 just the other day. Hope to get some pictures of it up tomorrow, if I can.

      Yeah, that bloat drone was an interesting-looking model, I agree. I have one that is about 70% done. I really should finish it at some point. Though not perfect, I thought it was coming out ok.

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  2. Nice, like the rainbow sort of colors happening on the back. Do I detect a new malady? Chromatosis? Also liked the cat showing up, since we don’t have one (well, until the little one starts begging for one…), that would be the perfect mini for me!

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    • Chromatosis? I love it! I think we definitely need to make that a reality, maybe with Poxwalker #18.

      I thought the cat was cute too. I bought a pack of D&D familiars, which came with a cat, a toad, and an owl. The owl is the only one I haven’t painted yet. For the cat, I was going to be ambitious and paint it to look like my black and white cat, but decided I wasn’t feeling it after all, so I went with something a bit easier that looks a little like my cream-colored cat, though not exactly.

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    • Thank you. I wish that I had been lucky enough to have the experience of playing with poxwalkers in my youth as well as with frogs and toads, because then I think I could make them super realistic, though I did my best, to be sure. 🙂 I do think that I owe it to my zombies to only display the full mob once I manage to get the full 20 done. I do plan on slipping them into the painting queue here and there since the last three are in partial stages of doneness, plus now that I’ve gotten up to #17 I’m feeling motivated to complete the mob, even if I’m on a bit of a 40K hiatus.

      In the meantime I do have a link where I displayed the mob when they reached the “Lucky 13” Stage:

      and as a bonus there is the way back in February 2018 post where all 20 of my plaguebearers got together for a group photo:

      Perhaps when all 20 poxwalkers are done, in addition to the obligatory group photo, I can put both mobs together for another photo (I can’t imagine I’d ever not run one mob in a game without the other) as well as leader types and camp followers/hangers on/sycophants/parasites, such as the metal bits box skeletal snake, Sebelex, self-styled Devourer of the Death, and others?


  3. Haha, thanks for the warning, Ann! Mechanical Arm Green and Purple Poxwalker #17 is a name that just rolls off the tongue and that mini is, even by your standards, well gruesome! Well done! 🙂 It’s fairly obvious that Toad is one of your favourites at the moment as well! I can maybe interpret “March Marauders and Might” as “March Marauders and Might Get Painted This Month” I think!

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    • Hehe, yeah, doesn’t it just trip off the tongue so nicely? 🙂 And of course, I take my Nurgle Warning Responsibilities somewhat seriously when I don’t forget about them. Thank you, I did my best to not let the belly cavity overwhelm the rest of the mini by not using too much blood, etc., which was a danger. Although not perfect, I’m happy with good, old #17 and glad to add another zombie to the cursed ranks.

      Yep, Toad is most definitely my current flavor of the month.

      That’s pretty good, “Might Get Painted This Month.” Maybe we should do that instead, because that is pretty much how my (and I suspect that is true of many of us) painting goes these days. My 50/50 chances on the dwarves for the Squaduary thing is starting to look more like 0/100, though I have made good progress. If I had joined the challenge at the beginning instead of more than halfway through, I could have easily finished them. Oh well. Maybe my first painting challenge should be neglected models, projects that you want to finish but haven’t yet, and so on? (Neglected models is my favorite of Azazel’s challenges.) Goodness knows I have a lot of neglect in my plastic collection.

      The only problem is I have a bunch of shiny, new miniatures now too! I’ve got a bunch of Etsy stuff and I picked up some D&D characters off of Amazon. There was this one, nasty-looking piece of work, who looks less like a halfling and more like a vicious, little kid with a knife … or two knives — you get two sculpts in the package. When I saw her for some reason I immediately thought of the name, “Squeaky,” and I had to buy her.

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        • I also sometimes sneak something new into the middle of a Neglected Model project, though this time I think “get those dwarves done, then Squeaky!” is great advice and that’s what I’m going to do. There is no way I’m going to finish them in time for the challenge though, but I have been working on them a bit each evening and I’ve made a lot of progress since the last update. Tonight is the last night I have to work on them before the challenge ends though, because Friday night I plan on working on what we’re going to do next for our D&D game this Saturday evening. Oh well, the challenge was still worthwhile though because it got me working on them quite assiduously and I’m much further along with the dwarves than if I hadn’t joined in, even though I did late.

          I’m finding that going forward I’m slowly beginning to build up a pile of roleplaying miniatures in much the same way I built my Great Wall of Plastic and Resin the early stages of Warhammer. I think I’m going to try and nip it in the bud and get my rp plastic painted up before I start buying more. Maybe I need to make that meme picture of Batman slapping Robin and telling him to paint the stuff he already owns my screen saver? 🙂

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    • Thank you. It seemed a shamed to let it sit there 80% done, so I finally finished it. Its twin is about 50% done, so I’ll probably put #18 in the queue as well, after I finish up the four dwarves.

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