Organic Ink 2 … and Dwarves

I was quite pleased to receive my author copies of Organic Ink, Volume 2, a poetry anthology from Dragon Soul Press.  I’m happy that the editors decided to include a bunch of my poems, including a longish one that I was hoping would find a home: “The War of the Jar.”

Yep, it’s February and the Christmas stuff is still up.

I read some of Hesiod’s work as a child and that was the second place I had heard the Pandora’s Box myth.  (I think the first place might have been Rocky & Bullwinkle.)  A few months ago, I happened to be in the middle of re-reading the bit about Hesiod’s five ages of Man in his Works and Days when I decided that it would be fun to write a longish poem set in the third or “bronze” age, and work in a somewhat different version of Pandora than the one I read/heard about growing up.

I’m thinking of doing some other Ages poems.  There is going to be an Organic Ink Volume 3, so if I’m happy with whatever I come up with then I’ll give them first shot at it since they were kind enough to print the first one.  That, and it would be fun (if I can pull it off!) to have all my Ages of Men poems appear in the same series of anthologies.

Thinking the one on the left is a wizard who casts spells from his enchanted blunderbuss!

I haven’t been playing Warhammer 40K, so I haven’t really felt much of an urge to paint more miniatures for that game in awhile.  I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons lately, so I decided to try some of those and ended up with these dwarves off of Etsy.

I wanted miniatures that were inexpensive and had some detail, but were still pretty basic and not hard to paint.  They had to not be fragile, which means being resin they can’t have thin bits that easily break.  (Especially since other people would be handling them.)  These guys at $9.99, including shipping, for a pack of six met all of my expectations.

The dwarf with the beer says, “Hey, you did say this was an adventuring PARTY!”

I’m not sure if these guys would fit into anyone’s upcoming painting challenge, but I am going to try and get the top four dwarves done this month or during March at the latest.  I am thinking of running a one session D&D game where a bunch of dwarves explore a dungeon, and the characters will be based off of these miniatures.

I also bought some goblins, bugbears and some other stuff from (I think) the same seller on Etsy.  I’ve primed the dwarves since I took these pictures and will prime a rust monster when I get home later today.

Next time I plan on getting the third issue of The Dragon Egg Gazette out.  After that, perhaps I’ll have some painted miniatures to show off.

13 responses to “Organic Ink 2 … and Dwarves”

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Hehe, I hadn’t thought of that. I remember watching that show as a child and then watching it again as an adult. Wow, a very different experience, that’s for sure!


    • Many thanks, Alex. I was pretty happy to see the poems in print. I wrote one of them back in the mid-90’s and lost it when my computer died, only to find it, along with some others, not too long ago in another place. This is the second poem that has marinated in the void for a couple of decades like that. These days I trust technology less than I used to, so when I write something I care about I not only back it up in multiple, independent locations, I make an old timey hard copy and put it in a folder in my file cabinet. Sometimes the old ways are best as it turns out….

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    • Many thanks, John. I made a little start on them tonight as well as a little frog mascot from the D&D miniatures familiars pack. They give you a frog, a cat, and a hawk and I thought of the three the dwarf wizard with the magical blunderbuss would probably opt for the frog. I know I would. Plus, in the game I’m currently running the group rescued a small dog-sized faerie frog with wings, who has inadvertently become sort of a mascot … so there’s that.

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