As Promised, Again With WIP Poxwalker #17

As promised, I offer a couple of pictures of where work-in-progress poxwalker #17 stands since the last time I turned my proverbial painting lens on this worthy zombie.*

PW#18 waits with undead patience in the fuzzy background.

I still have a bit more work to do, though I’m getting close to the end stages now.  The purple tentacles used to be blue, but I decided they were far too pretty in a wow-that-looks-like-it-would-look-great-on-a-blue-horror pretty and not poxwalker pretty so I hit them with some purple shade.  Upon reflection I might have hit them too hard and maybe I should have used some medium and/or tried blue shade or a blue and purple mix.  I still can, but I’m undecided.  I might leave them more or less as is and just highlight them a little.

Inertia and all….

After all, they are just a couple of belly tentacles and not really worth too much thought in the scheme of things.  Are there not whole regiments of guardsmen in the world who are still painfully bereft of the Grandfather’s multifarious blessings?

What kind of maggots to go with this time?**

I still have a few decisions to make such as what kind of maggots, and what kind of pox to go with this time.  Maybe Emerald Pox.  I’ve only done that with one other poxwalker, (one of the dreaded beach boy twins) so it isn’t overdone with this mob.***

I’m probably not going to rust up the mechanical arm too much.  Maybe a few Rhinox Hide patches and the like.****  I am thinking of busting out an old brush and the bottle of AK Interactive engine oil and experimenting with that.  I tried glossy Nuln Oil for a bit of fresh oil look, but that didn’t really work for me so far.

31 Days of Darkness Cover 150 wide
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Next time I will post some pictures of the fully completed poxwalker #17, a work in progress no longer.  I’ll know it is done by my usual tried-and-true method, which is when my fiddling seems to make things no better and maybe even worse.  That is when I know it is time to stop with many things in life, miniatures and writing both.

“Promised” should be construed to mean a non-binding echo of a glimmer of a reflection upon said Humble Narratrix’s part to maybe put up some pictures of WIP-PW#17 if and when it is convenient to do so before becoming distracted by less important things.

**  It is a very good sign when you type “maggot” in the search box for your site and a whole bunch of pages come up!

***  I haven’t forgotten about my idea of having countless hordes of poxwalkers, plaguebearers, etc. and identifying each mob with a different disease.

****  Perhaps the mechnical arm was in good working order when PW#17 was gifted with the blessings of Nurgle rather than the usual state of affairs, which of course is that the rust and falling apart look is in fact a wonderful magic that makes the mechanism in question work at least as and probably better than when it was right off the forge world assembly line.

Death Guard Symbol 125 wide

17 responses to “As Promised, Again With WIP Poxwalker #17”

    • Thanks. We’ll see how it all shakes (slithers?) out in the end. I’m thinking at the very least a little satin or gloss/slime. I find these things to be very experimental and seat-of-the-pants, which I think is part of the fun I’m having with them. That and knowing that no matter what I do to them there isn’t really any way to ruin them.


    • Hehe, I honestly thought everyone did that?! Thank you. Upon reflection I think for PW #17 I’m going to go with classic white for the maggots like I have on some of the others. I don’t think the yellow ones would quite work tonally whereas white would provide some needed contrast, especially if we inflict a good case of Emerald Pox on the boils and pustules.

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  1. I think I might go with a wash of some sort on those tentacles, grime them up a bit. Other than those, it seems to be coming along more or less perfectly, tho!

    As a side note, I really love the bionic arm they put on this one, and hope to see more Models with bionics like this. Ideally also as easily transplantable to others.

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    • Yes, I do think I’m going to have to do some griming up, though there is a danger (and it has happened before with this mob) of ending up losing what it was I was trying to do for all the filth. So I’ll have to be careful whatever I end up doing.

      I agree, I quite like the bionic arm too. Funny thing, I was thinking of this miniature not too long ago when we re-watched the first Terminator movie with the scene where Sarah crushes what’s left of armored Arnold and then in (fearful, who wouldn’t be?) revulsion brushes away its metal hand, which is resting on her even after the rest of the machine is crushed. Speaking of Linda Hamilton, we’ve been watching the old early-80’s Hill Street Blues show and she comes up as a minor character for a few episodes. I have to say that seeing that along with the early Terminator stuff versus what she is doing now leads me to say that I’m reminded of her versatility as an actress.

      Also, I saw the Mystery Machine sitting in the parking lot of a garage I pass by a lot. I hope to get a picture of it before it disappears once again. The wretched thing sort of looks like it hasn’t gotten much (exterior anyway) love since Freddie drove it.

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    • Of course, always like to make sure I give a proper Maggot Warning. Hmm … an eyeball as a maggot. That might work. Or maybe green stuff a maggot coming out of an empty eye socket? A little late for all of that, I think with these poxwalkers, but I do have some old GW zombies that I put together where that might work. I’ll have to check into it. Of course, if I manage something I’ll name the zombie in question in your honor!

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    • Thank you very much. I think I am going to try and finish up PW#17 within the next couple of weeks. The poor thing has been a WIP for quite a long time now, and I think I started the mob over two years ago now!


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