Cthulhu Pie and update on Organic Ink

My husband has been on a pie making kick lately for his vegan/plant-based weight loss Youtube Channel.  I’ve been (not surprisingly as a confirmed omnivore) enjoying the fruits of his labors.  He sent me this jewel, which though he didn’t make it he said he sure wish he had.  I’m sure most of you reading this can see why and I’m sure glad he sent me this picture.  It’s Cthulhuicious:)

“In his pie at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu dreams for whipped cream.”

I had more than I wanted to share, but as it turns out I burned most of my time today working on my Wattpad writing and composing a little promotional doggerel to put in a section of the chapbook I’ve spent most of October and some of November working on:  Thirty-One Days of Darkness with the idea of having one offering for each day of October.

Someone suggested that I ought to shoehorn in a small advertisement for Organic Ink Volume Two so I did.  Actually I forgot but then was reminded when I was reading someone’s poetry collection in Wattpad and ran across an advertisement for their print chapbook.

So I typed up the usual sort of promotional stuff about pre-ordering it on Amazon, the release date being December 30th and so on, but thought that was kind of boring.  I kicked around a few ideas and then settled upon beginning with the lines:

I am one of the authors featured in this anthology

it’s far more interesting than a text on gnathology.

and goes from there for another nine or ten lines.  If you’re interested you can read the rest of it in my aptly titled, Organic Ink: Shameless Self Promotion, which I’ve sandwiched between some micro fiction concerning a superheroine’s first night alone on the job and a haiku involving tentacle fingers.

Click image for Amazon’s pre-order page for the Kindle version.

Finally, I did a little more work on poor, long-suffering poxwalker #17.  Alas, I don’t have time to take and post any pictures of my worthy zombie, but that will give me something for next time, hopefully before the weekend.  All I will say is that need to redo its violet belly tentacles because they came out too pretty by half.  Slaanesh will be making my poor poxwalker into an honorary daemonette if I’m not careful.  Oh, the pain, the pain!

Nurgle Blood Bowl Icon 125

20 responses to “Cthulhu Pie and update on Organic Ink”

    • Me either, but I’ve eaten fish pie so why not? You could put scallops, squid, those little, whole octo-PIE that I first encountered in a plate of Lo Mien many years ago up in Sacramento, CA (though maybe not because I always end up feeling sorry for them), and maybe arrange some cooked tentacles wrapped around little baked “fronds” coming up out of the pie?

      Since he is doing the plant-based thing now, maybe he could form the tentacles out of sculpted tofu or do some sort of weird TVP action. I think TVP would be particularly good for the fiddly bits, like the suction cups. It would also have the advantage of holding together better when going for that third-dimension so then the “fronds” might not be necessary, though I’d hate to lose them.

      I will have to tell my husband to get on that … make it happen! 🙂


      • When I was in high school, I washed dishes at a nearby Thai restaurant, and they had a couple of dishes that had those little octopuses in them, and it would always kind of creep me out when I’d run across one while fumbling around the bottom of the sink when the water was dirty enough, because they’d still kind of move a little in response to the water’s motion.

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    • Hehe … “I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” Where I live there is someone I see driving around a lot who has painted his van like the Mystery Machine. It is a pretty old van so I see it sitting around at a garage I go by a lot. One of these days I’m going to have to try and snap a picture of it.

      Thank you, that was nice of you, I hope you enjoy it. I’m looking forward to reading what the other authors came up with. I’ve been reading Volume One, and so far I’m finding it a mixed bag, which is what I’d expect in a book of 30+ authors and 400+ pages. Some of the poems I really liked and others didn’t really grab me. There is this one huge poem, that is like 47 pages. I thought the Pandora thing I sent was pretty long, but this thing from volume 1 is like some sort of mini-epic. I think I’m probably going to read it once I’ve finished the rest of the book.


      • OK, that just made my day! SDMI is one of my fave shows ever, and almost no one ever gets my references to it ❤

        Yeah, I figured any anthology that big is going to be a bit hit or miss. At that preorder price, tho, it's worthwhile if there's even one good piece in there.

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        • Hehe, I grew up watching that show and it was one of my favorites too. 🙂

          Yes, that is what I figure too about the anthology or as you say, any anthology that big. I’m reading a couple more anthologies about that size – one is a Halloween poetry/micro-fiction one and the other a short story one, and I’m finding that to be the case with both of those as well. I’ve been finding some stuff that I quite like but also just finished reading a story that while I liked some aspects of it, I thought both the male and female leads were distractingly Mary Sue-type characters. You are right, if one can grab a decent read for $0.99, which seems to be the pre-order price point on a lot of the indy anthologies cropping up on Amazon these days, it is worth it even if you have to dig a little for the pearls.

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  1. That pie looks amazing! I’ll have to check out your husband’s channel as well, you can’t beat vegan food 🙂 Will need to check out Organic Ink as well (I mean, I was going to anyway when I heard you were in it, but now I know there’s a chance that my hair might be turned into leaches if I don’t I’ll crack on right away). Looking forward to seeing Poxwalker 17 when they’re done (although the idea of a pretty poxwalker is great – I’m sure all poxwalkers think they’re beautiful really).

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    • Yes, that is one amazing pie, I agree. 🙂

      Thank you, I’m very much looking forward to OI2 coming out. Awfully nice of you to check it out eventually, leeches notwithstanding. Of the stuff they decided to publish I was most excited about War of the Jar, which is my take on the Pandora’s Box myth and Hesiod’s Ages of Mankind, though I was also pleased they decided to pick up a poem I wrote back in the ’90’s, lost to the Great Hard Drive Crash, lost the paper copy to the Great Brunswick Flood, and then my husband found again randomly lurking on a hard drive he was going to wipe and then dispose of. That is my second poem from that period to find a new life so I guess you never know.

      I agree, vegan food can be really good. The thing that I’ve found interesting is how much vegan food there is out there for convenience and for taste compared to the olden days when I was a kid. Faux cheeses, protein bars, sour cream, eggs, the world is one’s oyster vegan-wise though perhaps I should say the world is one’s carrot or celery stick instead? Doesn’t have quite the same ring though.

      You are probably right about poxwalkers and #17 is very pleased at your words, I’m sure. Would probably giggle like a schoolboy except its jaw would fall off again. I’m sure they all do think they are wonderful and they are under no delusion for they are! Still, I thought the violet belly tentacles were a little out of place so I hammered them back down with some purple wash, though I may brighten them up a little more again because I might have hammered them down a bit too much. I’ll probably wait until I have the rest of it done to decide though. I hope to put up another wip picture by the end of the week (the last before the final one) and maybe this time alongside its mirror image/twin, poxwalker #18-with-belly-tentacles-mechanical-arm-and-eventually-yellow-breechclout.

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    • I almost forgot, he sent a long the quote that came with the picture. It was something like “The plural of Octopus is Octo-PIE!” Like I said, he didn’t make the pie but my husband knows a good thing when he sees it food-wise.

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  2. Your husband has a vegan channel? This will interest my wife a lot. Seeing as I consider mysel a flexitarian, i have no problems with eating along with my wifes predominantly vegan vegetarian cooking. Your life sounds like it has kicked into a higher gear. Hope it all works out well.

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    • Thank you for your kind words. Things are going pretty well at the moment. I hope you are also doing well.

      Indeed he does, he started it a few months ago. He decided to lose a bunch of weight and so far as lost at last count about 80 pounds. He posts some cooking videos and every Friday does a little talk about how his week went with the various challenges and so on. Interestingly enough, I’ve lost about 10 pounds myself without really trying since he started the channel. I’m one of those people who is, if I say so myself, pretty athletic but still heavy so I am pretty pleased about this development and how effortless it has been.

      I’m a flexitarian, like you, though that is the first time I’ve heard that word. I’m happy to eat my husband’s currently vegan cooking — it is easier to eat the same meals and I do want to support him as well — though when I’m at my afternoon bus driving job, I usually have some beef jerky and hard boiled eggs in my portable larder … and when I go out with friends, nothing says friendship like a pint and a big, juicy steak!

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      • Milou and i have the same relationship, i support her in what she does, but she also knows me being south african an having been brought up on meat i am not going to transition into veganism all of a sudden. I like cheese too much🙂. But its amazing and ill be sharing your husband’s channel with her and see if she subscribes. Shes a big ytube binge watcher

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        • That’s pretty neat. I got to learn a new word too, “Flexitarian,” which I’ve been trying out on people around Santa Cruz over the past day or so to good effect so far. I know what you mean about eating meat. I was brought up in a farming/hunting/omnivore culture so I’m pretty unlikely to give up cheese and meat and such entirely as well. I’m going out in a couple of weeks with friends to play some board games and hoist a few pints. I think I’m going to try and talk them into going and getting a steak or something.

          But eating mostly vegan at home is cool with me, especially since my husband likes to cook and hence does most of the food prep. 🙂

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            • Yeah, it really is a great word. Thanks, am looking forward. Going to play Memoir ’44 at an Irish pub.

              It is always nice to have someone in your life who likes doing stuff you don’t like to do (speaking for myself), but needs to be done like food prep. That is good your wife likes to do that, especially if it isn’t your thing. I like to work out in the yard, probably because I spent my summers on the family farm growing up, and my husband hates that kind of stuff.

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