Poxwalker-in-progress and more Wattpad writing

So I spiral out the long, sad task of painting my mob of twenty poxwalkers into late 2019.  I would say, “I’ll finish the lot before 2020!” but we all know that probably has as much truth in it as a short, sharp fit of sneezing meaning nothing but continued perfect health after putting in an eight hour shift driving around a bus full of sick people.*

Here we have Ole #17, who is one of my current works-in-progress.  I gave this poxwalker some attention this past weekend, sketching out the base colors on its belt and loin cloth as well as beginning a little experiment with purple tentacles.  I also put some paint on the Death Guard symbol.  Still a lot more work to go, as you can see, but it’s coming along.

Unfinished but only semi-forgotten!

So far as my Wattpad adventures go, here is what’s been going on there for me lately:

  • I’ve been sketching out the next section for the Gabby novel.  I’ll certainly post here when it goes live.
  • Another user, Microbytes, who puts out little anthologies of collected work on Wattpad, used a drabble I wrote in August, called “Survive to Swim” in their Micro-August Anthology.**
  • Microbytes struck again, this time notifying me that they are doing 30 days of writing prompts called “30 Days of Spooky Tales.”  I came to the party a bit late, but I am going to make an attempt to complete all 30 prompts and make a little Wattpad collection/book/whatever out of them.  Right now I am up to three done and collected under the dubious work-in-progress name of “Thirty Days of Darkness.”

For next time I am hoping for more progress on the aforementioned Ole Number Seventeen, and I might play around a bit with some Plaguebearer Flesh contrast paint I picked up last week.  I can always tell I haven’t been to the game store in a long time when I see a new staff member and she gives me the Welcome to the Store New Customer Speech!

Also plan to work on more of the Spooky Tales prompts and of course Gabby.  Hope everyone who managed to read this far has a good week.  May you make good progress on your varied projects, both mundane and multifarious!

* I was going to say “we all know that would probably be a lie” but I thought it best (for my own continued good relations with the Grandfather if for no other reason) to stick to a Nurgle-based (and rather familiar situation, to your Humble Bus-Driving Narratrix) rather than a Tzeentch-based figure of speech.

** A “drabble” is apparently a 100 word short story.  I didn’t know this until I stumbled upon this tidbit in Wattpad.  I found some interesting information on the subject over on Wikipedia.

16 thoughts on “Poxwalker-in-progress and more Wattpad writing

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    • Hehe, thank you. I’m glad you think I do … I do enjoy having a knack for such things though the application of that knack certainly leaves me knackered sometimes! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Pete, I hope you aren’t as slow about such things as I am! I guess it is well that Nurgle by necessity often plays the Long Game, if the celerity of his minions are any indication….

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    • Thanks. I enjoy Nurgle too. I’ve also been enjoying looking at the pictures of your Sisters that you’ve been putting up on your blog.

      I’ve been using a white base as well. Since the 20 are actually 2 identical sets of 10, I’ve been inking half of them to be green and the other half to be reddish-brown. The green ones get orange clothes and the brown ones get yellow clothes.

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    • Thank you. Hoping to work on it some more this weekend. I had never heard of Drabble before either, or the many other variations such as “duo-drabble,” which is a 200 word story. Back in my olden time college days they called such things “short short’s” which seemed to be a catch-all for anything that was less than about 500 words.

      Anyway, always fun to learn new things. 🙂

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  2. It’s always interesting seeing WiPs. What catches my mind here is that this could objectively be considered a finished Model at this point, and would fit perfectly into some people’s forces. But it would look horribly out of place among the rest of its kind in your Army, because this isn’t the aesthetic you’ve established for them.

    Drabbles are a really interesting form, one of those cool restrictions that can make for great exercises, warm-ups, and practice pieces.

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    • Well, if I were going to play a game I’d say I could sneak Ole Number Seventeen into the mix and many of my opponents probably wouldn’t notice or if they did, care. 🙂

      I agree with your thoughts about drabbles. Fun little exercises. I suppose one could develop ideas that come out in drabbles into longer pieces or at the very least one can experiment with things that one might not want to commit to trying in something longer. Like Maenoferran22 mentioned too, such things seem a good exercise to give younger students. I remember as a child in English class, if the teacher had said, “Write a story about anything you want in 100 words,” and then went on to talk about some of the elements of what makes something (traditionally anyway) a “story” I would have learned a lot more than what happened, which was, “Write what you did last summer. You have ten minutes,” and if I remember correctly she killed time by reading a magazine. I guess not everyone can enjoy/be invested in their job….

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      • Even for those who start out invested, burnout is a major problem in teaching. Generally driven by the fact that actually teaching is usually a relatively small part of the job as a whole.


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