Gabby: Last Shot (End of Chapter One)

I finished the next installment of my novel, Gabby the Bug-Eyed Monster.  This finishes chapter one and I achieved two of my goals: finish the first chapter and also finish with that wretched cave.  My first chapter was a bit over 5300 words, which means word count-wise I’m about 5% done.

The title of this section is Last Shot.  I decided that each of the subsections is going to be no more than two words.  I’m really only doing these chapter subsections because I’m doing this in an online format and need to break it up more than I would for a physical book.

Gabby by Stefan Ljumov

Steady but slow progress.  I’m looking forward to my schedule changing in October.  One happy consequence of that is I’ll have more time for writing on a set schedule instead of carving out some time here and there when I can, which doesn’t work very well for me in terms of completing long-term projects.

I have a pretty good idea where I want to go for Chapter Two, which will get me through the next few weeks of writing and give me some time to think about structure and plot beyond what I already have.  I have an idea for a sub-plot that I introduced the fleeting germ of at the end of the first chapter, and think I know where I more or less want to go by the end of the book though at this point that could still change.

Of course I can go back and fix structural problems and the like in a second draft at some point, but I would like to get as much right as I can on the first go.

The next section will go live on September 15, 2019.

Gabby cover 125 wide for WordPress

2 responses to “Gabby: Last Shot (End of Chapter One)”

  1. Yes, perhaps you are right about that being a bit of luck; it was a pretty small cannon after all. Hmm, that is a good idea about Gillian and you are right, if you are in a cave in, who better to have on your side than a nine foot long centipede thingie who has acquired a taste for eating peoples’ pistols? Thank you for reading and your interesting comments.

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  2. Sounds like that cannon shot was a stroke of luck for our protagonist here. I think in Gabby’s place I’d rather take my chances with a cave-in than with those guys. Especially since they have a “Burrower” with them, and while I may not know Gillian’s exact capabilities, that sounds like someone useful to have around in this situation.

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