Red Spiny Backed Poxwalker

Another poxwalker enters the painted ranks, this one being number sixteen of twenty.  A classic example of the Red or Eastern Spiny Backed Poxwalker as coined/pointed out by that Perspicacious Poxwalkerer and Taxonomist, Alexis West.  As she points out in the comments appearing with the post here, this worthy is the “rarer Eastern Spiny Poxwalker … [with its] reddish tones.”

The trend of yellow clothes/red skin continues.

I was originally going for something where the spines/horns/pointy bits were a bit more set off from the rest of the hide, color-wise, but decided that perhaps I was happy with how it turned out more or less.  I find that once they are done, poxwalkers sort of grow on me, and my energies turn toward the next experiment and it is best to close the book and let events take their unnatural course.  After all, what is another soulless minion in a horde of the damned, even if its horns are or aren’t heavily contrasted with the skin in a way satisfying to even the most discriminating warmaster with a eye for color?*

I might add some color to that tan on tan plant…

A funny thing about the yellow pants (and it somehow keeps happening with this mob) … I put quite a bit of effort into the pants and by the end I’m covering up all of my hard work with goop, gore and brown ink.  Then I resolve to not put so much work in to the next poxwalker’s yellow clothes and then I do!

… but probably not!

Another view of the formerly yellow pants.  I got particularly carried away here with the ink, blood, toner, sand, and who knows what else.  Oh well, it is all good though because the next time I paint one of the red/yellow poxwalkers I won’t put so much work into the clothes.  Did the weapon pretty much the same as before, though I went for a slightly darker effect with more black with a little brown ink as opposed to the converse, which is what I did on the other Spiny Back.  A pretty subtle difference, I think.

So I’m in the last month of my second MFA class.  I plan on getting another poxwalker done in the interregnum between the end of this class and the start of the next one.**  Also sent some stuff I recently wrote to a few magazines, as well as a poem I wrote over 20 years ago to the school magazine, which made the mistake of telling me that consider previously published work.

* One is of course aware that poxwalkers, strictly speaking are not ‘soulless.’  As stated in the heretical Lexicanum, “The jolly humour of Nurgle is such that they’ve remain cruelly conscious and aware of all that occurs with them, souls of victims trapped in their dead bodies and with a rictus grin they stagger out in search of living meat to feast on.”

Always good (for a Chaos God) to have a sense of humor, I guess, even (or perhaps especially?) at the expense of others.  Better than dour old Khorne, incomprehensible Tzeentch, and most especially the Dark Prince, who seems really great at first, sort of like getting to eat your favorite food and then you find out you are in hell and all you will be doing for eternity is eating your favorite food.  Makes Happy Grandfather seem pretty good by comparison.

** I was going to say “or maybe two!” but that would be sheer hubris.  Of course any good Chaos Lady would just go for it and say “It’s only hubris if you fail,” and upon failing execute any and all involved or who witnessed it, including any star systems where the populations may or may not have heard someone allude to it in a redacted transmission.  But who has time for that?  So I’ll just stick with the one.

Works Cited

Poxwalker.”  Lexicanum, 1 March 2018.  Web.  12 July 2019.

West, Alexis. A Taxonomic Discussion of Poxwalkers Common to the Fourteenth Legion After the Death of Pertinax up to the Ascension of Regalianus the Usurper: A Short Study. [REDACTED], 2018 CE

13 thoughts on “Red Spiny Backed Poxwalker

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  2. Top painting as usual. I actually really like the way that the gooey stuff is poring over the trousers (well, ‘like’ might be a bit of a wrong word!) even if it does come at the cost of all the good work you did on them previously.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I was happy with the gooey stuff as well, though you’d have thought I’d have picked an easier to work with color than yellow to crap all over. 😐

      One thing that is kind of odd is that the sand I dusted onto the legs after I gooped them came out way more contrasting in the pictures than it actually is. I thought about taking some more pictures to try and fix it but decides in the end Nurgle probably doesn’t care. He probably would rather I spend more of my time creating more poxwalkers and far less of it engaged in the Tzeentchian nonsense of taking college classes.


    • Thanks, John! School is a ton of work, what with the full time job as well, but it is a lot of fun too. This coming week finishes up my second class and I start the third, as I understand, on August 12th.


  3. OK, you not only remembering, but also running with my joke so well just made my day! ❤

    Looks great, too! I really like the dusting of white, makes a very effective moldy look.

    "…even the most discriminating warmaster with a eye for color?" Pretty sure most of those end up following Slaanesh. But there are always some who follow other paths!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I thought it was a pretty clever joke and it’d be fun to keep it going given that the Eastern Spiny Back is so rare and all. 🙂

      Thank you. If I remember correctly I used an off-white and then brightened it up a little in places with a very light drybrush of regular white.

      Yes, I’m sure you are right about Slaanesh. Given the high quality of that Keeper of Secrets you did, I would imagine that you are an authority on that subject as well. Any plans for a treatise on the Dark Prince, though _A Taxonomic Discussion of Poxwalkers Coomon to the Fourteenth Legion After the Death of Pertinax up to the Ascension of Regalianus the Usurper: A Short Study_ might be a hard act to follow.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m mostly actually working on Nurgle stuff right now, but I will def be getting back to Slaanesh at some point, and a similar treatise may then be forthcoming 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve been meaning to ask you, Alexis, but I keep forgetting … do you have a blog or other place you display your finished work? I’d like to subscribe to it if you do.


    • Thank you, Azazel. Yes, you are right, he does sort of have a woody look though at the time I was just trying to make his chitin/skin look something like some of the Tyranids I inherited, specifically the term’s.


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