Poxwalkers #12 & #14 and Blood Bowl Update

My go-to models for Azazel’s Neglected Model Challenges are my hideously neglected* poxwalkers, and this lucky fellow (?) is number fourteen of twenty.

Got to get that cat hair up with a lint roller next time.

Painted him a lot like the others, predictably, though I decided to go easy on the blood/ooze/pus/etc. this time and not turn him into a somewhat juicy mess like his messmate below.  Perhaps his cocktail of diseases included a touch of desiccation and a pleasing whitening of the flesh?

I used Pallid Witch Flesh for the white and then some Skull White over that.  For the rims of the open sores I used various flesh tones, but finished with the lightest I have (without mixing paints), Kislev Flesh.  I used Nurgle’s Rot to give them a little shine.  I was originally going to go for, as I said, the dry look, but I decided upon reflection he did need a touch of satin.

Might whiten up that one worm a bit, I don’t know.

I tried an experiment with texture pastes on his air tank, which didn’t work out well at all.  I scrapped most of the paste off, though it turns out the stuff can be stubborn so I left a veneer, which I think came out alright.  (Thank goodness I didn’t try this experiment with someone, who is more fastidious, like say a Khorne Berserker or anything Slaanesh.)

I ended up, as I so often do, splotching random inks and such on the tank until it seemed advisable to call it a day.  Finally, I wanted to give the it a little metallic shine, but I didn’t want to lighten the tank up too much, so I drybrushed on a little Vallejo Gunmetal Grey (70.863) instead of the usual steel colors.

Where’d that piece of hair come from on his horn between pictures?  Danged cats!

This mob is characterized by the innovation that all of the zombies with reddish skin are wearing yellow and the green ones are wearing orange.**  These two are wearing identical, reversible jumpsuits, as you can see.  Even the web gear is reversible.

Recycled Poxbringer Pic:  Proudly showing off their yellow mold.

I am looking forward to trying out the new (to me) basing video on my nascent Blood Bowl team.  If I like how it turns out, I might do something like it for my desert bases, instead of going the simple route of just slapping some sand on it and calling it a day.  For now though, I’m going to continue as I began with my zombies because I want them all to more or less match.

All of my Blood Bowl team are on bases now, so that’s a little progress.

Speaking of Blood Bowl, I did get a little more priming done, but it is back to cold, wet, and humid so that’s on hold for awhile.  I did get them all based, and my experiment with priming before affixing the models to bases went well in that I decided I liked affixing then priming better than priming then affixing.***

I also green stuffed a made-between-two-combs-that-my-husband-hopefully-isn’t-using-anymore tentacle to that bloater I was talking about before, where I put the model together out of order and had a horrendous gap I had to do something about.  I’ll show him next time, when I post some pictures of my friend, Dave’s, Blood Bowl dwarves he recently painted and was kind enough to let me play against him in a game against his orks.  After that hopefully I’ll have a rotter or two to show you.

Nurgle Blood Bowl Icon 125

* “Hideously neglected” might be a bit of an overstatement since the Dark Imperium box came out in June 2017, so I’ve only been working on my Death Guard zombies for less than a year now, which isn’t bad for a squad of twenty by my standards.  Frightfully neglected, perhaps?

** In case I’m insane enough to try and paint another mob of these guys in accordance with my original, crazy plan of eventually running a zombie horde once I get back to playing 40K again.  “Horde” for the sized games I generally play(ed) would be about 80 to 100 bodies, which would include extras for (hopefully) turning some enemy infantry into more poxwalkers.

*** For one, I didn’t like having to either scrape or tape the bottoms of the feet so I could use cement.  I could use super glue, of course, but I sometimes drop my miniatures and with super glue most of the time the miniature (at best) comes off the base or (at worst) explodes into its constituent parts like my friend, Dave’s, poor metal Blood Bowl troll.  Still, it is superior in some ways, such as getting those sometimes hard-to-reach nether regions and if you want to spray the base a different color than the miniature.

17 responses to “Poxwalkers #12 & #14 and Blood Bowl Update”

  1. Nice work here Ann – is it just the twenty that you’ve got, or is there another huge stash of them to follow? Either way – six to go and the end is in sight. March’s challenge would work for them, too…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think I have one or two more batches of the poxwalkers somewhere, that people gave me, and I have a box of 20 old GW zombies that are half put-together, as well as the box of 6 snap-fit poxwalkers. So I have no real shortage of zombies. That is good to know; perhaps I’ll try to get the last 6 of this current mob done by the end of March.


    • Thank you. I’m thinking of doing the cloth parts in yellow and the armor in bone for the Blood Bowl guys, but this time keeping the armor and clothing somewhat clean instead of slathering everything in brown ink.

      Many of the lesser players don’t last for more than one game anyway, and one thing in the team owner’s contract is she has to make sure the players’ kit stays pretty because it looks better for the fans, so the better players get new rags and their armor is hosed down and such between games.


  2. “Hideous and neglected”, perhaps? In the very best, Nurgly way, of course! The white bits on there look disturbingly like the mold I found on some bread that fell behind some other stuff in the cupboard and was back there for idek how long.

    I’ve just given up on trying to keep the cat hair in check. Too sisyphean for my energy levels :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you thank you, Alexis. I’m pleased that my latest zombie looks so appetizing and reminds you of bread. I agree, I don’t have the energy to push that boulder either. At least I try to keep it down to a dull roar when I can.


  3. “Looking as bad as usual” really does sound wrong, so I’ll have to say looking good (where good = gruesome etc.)! I think the air tank looks spot on and you also appear to be one of those people who can make yellow come out really well! Nicely done indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks, John. I do need to get some more yellow paint this weekend. I’m hoping to make a start on some of the primed rotters and maybe do some priming too on the other Blood Bowlers, weather permitting.

      Liked by 1 person

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