Work on Nurgle Blood Bowl Team Begins

So I bought the Nurgle-themed Blood Bowl team not too long ago and finished putting them together.  I started in on the priming, as much as the wet and humid winter weather of Santa Cruz allows.

N is for Nurgle!

The fat guys are called Bloaters.  Their thing is being strong and so disgusting that people sometimes hesitate in attacking them, and their mere presence can mess with opponent’s throwing and so on.  When I was assembling them, I neglected to read the directions to my peril.  Apparently you are supposed to glue one of the arms to a torso piece and then glue the two torso pieces together.

Instead, I glued the torso together and found I couldn’t wedge the arm in.  I was able to get the arm cemented in place, with a little surgery, but this left an unsatisfactory gap.  So I’m going to have to green stuff some sort of flab/tentacle/whatever to hide the error, which I haven’t done as of typing this.

Mystery solved on the finger/horn thingies.

The above player is called a Pestigor.  Their thing is they move a bit faster than the rest of the team and have horns, which it can use when to blitzes/charges an opponent.  Hence the name, I’m guessing.  A pestiferous monstrosity that gores people.

I did read the directions on this guy and it never showed the two finger piece in the directions, which I super glued on after I primed it.  I looked at it on the sprue, clipped it off and thought maybe it was some weird extra that I could randomly glue on to something as nobby growths or whatever.  But then again it had a number (#34) so maybe it had to go with something.  After fiddling around for awhile I saw that it fit onto the pestigor’s hand like a glove, so to speak, and the mystery was solved.  Fortunate too, because I almost tried gluing one onto my aforementioned bloater’s embarrassing armpit gap.

Be nice if they supplied the correct bases. 🙂

Finally, the box came with a pack of 32mm slotted bases.  I could have filled in the slots with green stuff, but this was too much work so I dug out some regular bases that I have and decided to use those.

I was thinking too of doing something a little different than my glue-some-sand-onto-the-base-paint-the-ring-desert-tan-and-call-it-a-day technique and use Duncan’s Blood Bowl basing for these guys.  It has the virtue of being pretty simple-looking and as I said, different than what I’ve been doing.

Also, I’m going to work on getting at least one miniature done for Azazel’s Neglected Model Challenge for February 2019.  Hope everyone has a good February.

Nurgle Blood Bowl Icon 125

16 thoughts on “Work on Nurgle Blood Bowl Team Begins

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    • Yes, I’m liking the basing tutorial as well. I’m hoping it comes out reasonably good. I’m hoping to work on painting a little this weekend, and finish up a Neglected Dark Imperium Poxwalker and get started on painting some of the Blood Bowl rotters I have primed.

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  2. Awesome, Ann! Look forward to seeing you paint these up and hearing how they play for you.

    We tended to avoid Nurgle, as most people didn’t understand them and they quickly become complicated with their mutations. Though most the people we were playing with, were new to Blood Bowl/GW games anyways.

    Glad I read your post before I get around putting mine together. I likely would have missed those fingers too!

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    • I’m looking forward to seeing how they work out too. I’m sure they’ll be fun to paint whether they play well or not. Yeah, those fingers were a bit mysterious what with them not being in the assembly directions and all. 🙂

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  3. I have mixed feelings about these Models, which mostly just come down to the fact that they aren’t what I would have pictured for a Nurgle BB Team. I’m definitely interested to see where you go with them. I suspect I’ll like it rather better than the GW take on them.

    I was curious, so I went poking around a bit, but couldn’t find out why GW chose the name “Gors” for their Beast-folk. Their horns were mentioned as being a prerequisite for the title, tho, so the connection with goring people seems likely. The Nurgle-dedicated Gors are the only ones that don’t just have their patron diety’s name or some variation on it as a prefix (Khorngors, Tzaangors, Slaangors). I guess “Nurglegors” was a but too unwieldy and “Nurgors” sounds kind of stupid, so they went with something like “Pestilential Gors” and chopped it down to Pestigors.

    32mm slotted bases are highly prized by some people with older metal Space Marines, as they don’t really work very well with just a pin or two in a flat base compared to the support that the slot and tab system provides, but should still be on 32mm bases these days.

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  4. Good to see you back, Ann. And you’re saying the Nurgle team comes with 32mm slottas but fits on regulars? I’m going to have to crack the box open and steal those as I’m always having to cut slots for my older models – thank you!

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    • Thank you, Azazel, glad to be back. 🙂

      Yes, the 32mm slotted bases still in plastic are what came in the Nurgle team box. The models fit great on non-slotted 32mm bases, what with them not having tabs and all. If you are cutting slots in your bases, I’d definitely bust the ones out of your Nurgle box.

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