Another cultist stumbles in …

It has been a long time since I’ve stumbled in from the warp,  so … hi.  What with the holidays being upon us, it seems a good time to polish up my tentacles, extraneous external organs/lesions/so on and put in a December appearance with a finished model,  however humble and mundane in form, function, commonality, etc.*

My magnificent offering this time is a chaos cultist.  He bears a familial resemblance to this guy, to be sure.  In fact, he’s functionally identical at tabletop distances.  There are some variations however, which become apparent at painfully-close-to-eyeball distances, such different colored hoses, skin blotches, dangling gears, etc.

The new guy with his completed brothers.

My rate of cultist completion thus far has been one model every two years.  I know, not too shabby, huh?  🙂  At this rate I will have the entire mob completed by 2052 or so, maybe 2053 taking into account the extra effort that will probably be required for some of the fancier dudes like that guy with the pigsticker and the shotgun.

Rifle highlights work way better at a distance, I think.

I experimented a little on his arms (much more on the left arm) with a red wash and then blotching some flesh back onto it.  Wasn’t sure what I was going for exactly.  Maybe a tincture of Khorne, maybe a burn, maybe just some random mutation, maybe all or none of the above.

Happy Holidays!  Dropping in for a holiday visit.

Despite my long absence, a truism for me with gaming matters is that even if I stay away a long time it’ll never be forever, and this time is no exception.  I find the mild itch to pick up a paint brush returning, so I’ll probably pick away at a miniature that I friend asked me to paint for him, but it has been sitting hideously neglected with the rest for many months now.  May also work on another cultist so I don’t fall behind my Complete a Cultist Once Every Two Years schedule.  I’ll need to be very careful and nurture my fragile ambition/mild itch like a youthful canker in its first stages of bloom.  We’ll see what the future and the gods bring….

*  I thought I’d say my obligatory “how come I haven’t posted so long, busy, blah blah blah” explanation/bit for a parenthetical aside, rather than my opening paragraph.  I’ve found that since I started my new job (after many years of housewifery), back around the beginning of the year, the energy that went into my painting has now been going into the job.  So I haven’t been painting or playing miniature games much in general (except for the occasional Friday get-together with some friends and mostly we play board games when I’m there), and thus I haven’t been posting, this after all being a painting blog.

I might have to start posting some other aspects of my hobby life besides miniatures to keep this blog going, unless I revise my thinking of “going” to mean posting a picture of a completed miniature every 6 to 12 months as the mood strikes.

Chaos Symbol Clip Art

17 responses to “Another cultist stumbles in …”

  1. Huh, missed a couple of your posts. So, catch up time! Yea, I like the effect you got on the arm there. It looks like a serious burn, which is pretty cool.


    • Thanks. Don’t forget Invertebrate Laziness, Willful Enslavement to Darkness Culminating in Lots of Activity Resulting in Many Unfinished Projects, and pursuit of my Virtual Mushroom Collection as factors in the conflict. 🙂

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  2. “My rate of cultist completion thus far has been one model every two years…’

    The struggle is real!

    Good to know that I’m not the only one! Okay well, I did manage 4 cultists this year, but I’ve only managed maybe…one (?) completed minimum-sized squad of anything. Is disheartening to see people crank out armies in the space it takes me to just finish one or two minis.

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    • Hehe, oh, I think there are a lot of us slow painters out there. Glad to talk to another member of the Order of Slow Painters (OSP). Picked away a little the day before yesterday on a poxwalker I hope to have done before the end of January. Going to start working on a Nurgle Blood Bowl team as well for a league that a friend wants to start. I hope to have the team painted before the league ends.

      Good job on completing four cultists for 2018. That is double my yearly cultist output!


  3. Glad to see you back posting. I think that you can safely just keep plugging away at once per two years if you like – after all, the blog should serve your needs and not the other way around.

    Nice looking Cultist too.

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    • That is a healthy attitude and a correct one as well. Let technology be our servant and not the other way around. I’ll probably post more than once every two years though, hopefully. Thank you, only 17 cultists to go!


    • Thanks, I have high hopes for 2052 as well, but we’ll see. As it natural, 2019 is starting out with me getting sidetracked from my current goals: a friend wants to start a Blood Bowl league so I’m going to go down to the game store today (I have New Year’s off from driving the bus) and buy the Nurgle team.

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  4. Glad to hear you’re still doing well, and plugging away at these guys! Maybe it’s just because we got the closeup shots, but those two actually look pretty distinct to me. The hood/collar thingy/flack jacket are lighter in the second one, and more distinct from each other, and the red tone on the skin makes a pretty striking difference, too.

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    • Thank you, Alexis, I hope you are doing well too. Yep, I’ll keep plugging away — 2052 is my year! 🙂

      Yes, you are right in all counts. Close up they are fairly distinct. Also, I didn’t show a picture of the back but the new guy just has a steel tank by his low back whereas the first guy has a yellow one. I am thinking that they are only identical at gaming distances.


  5. Been worth the wait ’cause this guy does look good! My first thought was “that’s a nasty burn on that arm” which, as we’ve come to expect, looks a bit too realistic! If you paint ’em and post about ’em we’re all still out here looking forward to seeing ’em (well, OK, maybe not too close to mealtimes)! Hope you get to enjoy a break over Christmas and wishing you well for 2019!

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    • Thank you. I’m glad it the “burn” turned out to look like something. 🙂 I did have a very nice Christmas. Got to see some family I don’t see all that much and had a very nice time. I hope you had a nice holiday too.


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