Another Painted Poxwalker

I offer up another painted poxwalker this week in my slow, grinding way that sort of mirrors the Death Guard itself: I take forever to get a model/unit done but just when you thought it would never get done it is. This guy is the companion to last week’s Beach Boy Poxwalker.

I went with the tried and true Emerald Pox, though for the final pustule drybrush I decided upon a more muted Skarsnik Green instead of the usual Moot Green this time.  I didn’t spare the yellow wash either, and I drybrushed a little yellow on the back of his left leg as well with the idea that perhaps we have a small but developing case of some yellow mold.

If you look closely, it does have the coveted Mark of Ann!

This zombie firmly cements my having a completed unit for Azazel’s latest painting challenge.  I have one more that I’ll probably finish up tonight, along with a cultist, and then I’ll have to wrangle up all of my painted poxwalkers for a group shot for the painting challenge.


+ For some reason the phrase “painted poxwalker” causes that Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers tongue-twister to run over and over again in my head.  I hope that doesn’t happen to you too.  Oh no, too late!


11 responses to “Another Painted Poxwalker”

  1. The detail driven demon in me cries “He’s missing part of a finger!”, not noticing all the other more fatal things going on.

    Well done once again. This one I would dub “Ewie-Gooey”! I’m still loving the beach bases too, so nice.

    Congrats on getting your JUNIT unit completed!

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  2. Hi, im a newcomer to your blog but i really like the few things i’ve seen so far. Fantastic painting, i have a friend who collects nurgle and would really appreciate your work. Looking forward to looking back through you posts and seeing the new things to come!

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  3. Peter Piper picked a peck of painted poxwalkers. Peter Piper procured a pound of pestilent pustules. Peter Piper’s picked up plague put Peter Piper in his grave.

    Looking good, for Nurglish values of “good”, as usual 😉 The grittiness from the Typhus Corrosion works much better here than on the Tankbusta, and the diseases are nicely vibrant as well as virulent.

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  4. Excellent, in that oh-so-gruesome manner to which we’ve become accustomed! I really like the colour variation on this one, from the yellow through to the darker green (oh, and even the grubs/maggots) and beyond!

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