Beach Boy Poxwalker

I recently added another poxwalker to my painted forces.  This one is the ninth I’ve posted pictures of so far, but as it turns out my latest offering is my tenth painted one.  Seems I forgot to take pictures of the companion to the poxwalker in the baggy pants holding its rifle backwards I completed awhile ago.

Once I retrieve the elusive tenth walker from its home in the game store display case, I’ll post a picture of it and a group shot of the unit.

I’ve got that song Beach Blanket Bingo running through my head now.

This time I wanted to try something a little different, so I went for a look that sort of evokes the idea of someone who has some sand clinging to them because they are/were a zombie at the beach.  You know, you’ve been swimming and then played some volleyball.  Finally you grab a girl drink and chill under the umbrella and you’ve got sand in all the most embarrassing places?  Well, that happens to poxwalkers too.

I used AK brand Corrosion Texture for the effect.  I like how it came out, and not surprisingly it isn’t quite as pronounced as the pictures make it appear.

Just Baal Red.  No Blood for the Blood God! this time.

This month I hope to make more progress on my poxwalker unit for Azazel’s Junit Challenge.  The idea is to complete a group of at least three thematically unified figures for the month of June.

At minimum, going with his guidelines, I’ll declare success if I can complete at least two more walkers for June, which would bring the mob to twelve.  In the unlikely event I finish all twenty, I’ll declare it a major Nurgle Victory.  Cake, tentacles, and afflictions all around!

Nurgle image 125 wide

21 responses to “Beach Boy Poxwalker”

  1. That’s a really sweet looking Poxwalker, Ann. The grit works well here, but it’s the discolouration that’s the real star. I’m going to have to go do some similar stuff in a few minutes, I think…
    Oh.. and as far as the challenge goes. Do you want the good news or the bad news?

    If this guy makes 10, then that completes the unit, so you’ve succeeded in the challenge! The *unit* is made of 3+ models, and now the *unit* is completed. No, I’m not bending or tweaking the rules there – that’s very deliberately how they’re written, and why they’re written that way.

    The bad news is that I don’t want this to discourage you from completing more models – so keep on trucking there! If you finish the 20, that would be enough for 2 units of 10 completed, so that would be double-completion. Because even if you *can* use them as one unit, it also counts as two units, because it legally *is* two units if you decide to deploy them that way.

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    • Thanks, Azazel. If I say so myself I’m pretty happy with him. I never know how they’ll turn out because I tend to just do stuff to them until I get to the point where it feels like they are done or that further attempts to do stuff to them will make them worse (mostly the latter). This is probably why I enjoy painting Nurgle more than the other gods’ followers.

      Counting the unpainted poxwalkers I have remaining (most of my painted ones are sitting in a game store display case) I think that beach boy makes for a complete unit. Also, I finished beach boy’s green-skinned/orange loin clothed twin tonight so that additionally gives me two poxwalkers done for the month. Although I doubt I’ll finish the rest by the end of the month at my current rate of progress because my work has been having me work one day during the weekend a lot lately, and the bulk of my painting happens on Sat and Sun. However, I do plan on keeping my poxwalker momentum going until the unit is done, though I did also get another cultist done as well.


  2. I’ve been on a surf rock kick lately, so I’m really grooving on this one right now. The sand would be a serious problem for a Pox Walker or Plaguebearer, given all the various sticky fluids they’re always oozing. Maybe do another like this so they can be Jan and Dean in the 41st millennium? 😉

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    • I’m sort of been on a surf rock kick lately too. I live near Santa Cruz so it is kind of inevitable. 🙂 Lol, you are right, my beach boy zombie does need a friend.


  3. As always, this one looks (frighteningly) far too realistic! I think you’ve got the effects you wanted absolutely spot on (excuse the pun)! I now have visions of a beach volleyball game gone horribly wrong somewhere! Excellent mini!

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    • Thank you very much. I really like the mental image of a Death Guard celebratory beach volleyball game gone horribly wrong. The score keeps being 0-0 because the players’ arms and heads and such keep falling off whenever they go for a spike or a block. Heaven forbid one of them dive for the ball!


  4. Nice, love the background thoughts on this one. Looks like the AK brand Corrosion Texture worked really well for sand too. With the beach boy reference, I can’t get it out of my mind, that the spikes in his shoulder tentacle look sorta like the tuning knobs of a guitar. Back me up on that one, IRO! 😉

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    • Thank you. Yes, I thought the texture worked well too. Haha, I hadn’t thought of the guitar thing but now that you mention it, it does!


    • Thank you. The whisperers from the Dark Garden agree with you, “It is only a few more,” they say … “your own blood is better than any technical paint,” they titter … “Drown your friends in a sea zombies and when they complain tell them ‘at least I painted my army’” and so on, but alas even with the well wishers from my fellow bloggers and urgings from my make-believe yet somehow real motivational imps my Magic Eight Ball says, “Outlook not so good.”

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      • Then sacrifice that Magic 8 Ball and take its powers for yourself! You don’t need it’s negativity and whatever petty cantrips and parlour tricks it can perform are as nothing when compared to the power of the Dark Gods!

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        • Ohh, I see why you are favored by the gods. Eight ball says, “The power is strong in that one, but you still won’t get them done by the end of the month.” I’m beginning, perhaps, to see what you mean. *wanders off to look for a silver hammer*

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    • Many thanks. I thought it might be fun to try something different with texture since most of the time I’m thinking more about color and just working with whatever textures the model itself offers.

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    • Thank you! That is always nice to hear. I was wondering how this one would turn out with my singular, self-imposed ban on Blood for the Blood God paint.

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