April 2018 Assembly Challenge Complete

The group ended up being 41 models counting the invisible poxwalkers.

I finished assembling a bunch of models during April for Azazel’s April 2018 Assembly Challenge, and took a quick picture of what I did for the month from my terminally will-organize-it-eventually hobby room.

  • Great Unclean One
  • Warhounds of Chaos (10)
  • Daemonettes (8)
  • Raptors (3)
  • Possessed (3)
  • Space Marines: seven Dark Imperium Death Guard, and one of the green Easy to Build guys.
  • The Changeling
  • Darkoath Warqueen
  • Poxwalkers (6)
I particularly like the one with the frag grenades for some reason.

I remembered that I put together a box of Easy-to-Build poxwalkers at the beginning of April.  Actually I didn’t exactly remember.  I found them squirreled away in a drawer where I store stuff I built so it doesn’t get dusty, when I was looking for neglected models for the May painting challenge.  So a quick, over-exposed picture later and here they are in all of their green glory.

I didn’t do any custom work on most of the miniatures, though I did magnetize two of the three raptors, and gave them meltaguns as their first weapon choice. I traditionally tend to be weak in ranged anti-tank in my armies.  Apparently my generals think that running up to tanks and such and whacking them to pieces with swords is a good idea.

Swiss Army Raptors!

I think jump infantry are excellent guys to give meltaguns because in the current state of the game it is likely they’ll get into position for at least one good shot.  If not then these worthies will likely force my opponent in to a bubble wrapping or delayed deployment situation.  Forcing your opponent to move in a certain way can be a small victory in itself!

As for the Great Unclean One, I decided to go with the sword and flail combination. I’ve fought against the bile blade and bell, and while I like the bell, I didn’t think the blade fit my style of play very well.  The sword, while not exactly up to Bloodthirster standards of offense, still packs a pretty nice punch.  Mainly though, I’ve found the utility of this particular greater daemon to be presenting another (extremely resilient) target, which often allows my other, more fragile units a bit more scope.

One strange thing that came up with the Great Unclean One was assembling the flail.  I put the miniature together correctly, as far as I could tell, but the middle part was too long.  The middle skull contacted the base in a way that would have made assembly not possible, at least not without some unwonted modifications.

The solution I came up with was to hack off the skull and replace it with the end of the bile blade, which I wasn’t planning on using anyway.  I’m pleased with the result and think that it may add interest when painted.

GUO gave me a use for all of those maggots one ends up with collecting Nurgle.

The warqueen will make an admirable herald of Khorne for my 40K games.  I have owned a half-painted resin herald of Khorne for a couple of years now, but I never much liked the model.  On the other hand I like both of these models just fine.

The Changeling and Darkoath Warqueen

For May I think I’m going to participate in Azazel’s Paint a Neglected Model Challenge.  I don’t have quite the hobby time or energy, now that I’m working full time again, as I used to have, but I’m pretty sure I can complete at least one model this month.  Given that the challenge is it has to be a model that one started at least six months ago and didn’t complete, it’ll be nice to finish one or more such models.

I also have a box of old Vampire Counts zombies, as well as another box of bloodletters, I want to assemble but I think I’ll wait until the next assembly challenge to tackle those.


30 responses to “April 2018 Assembly Challenge Complete”

  1. […] April 2018 Assembly Challenge Complete @ Ann’s Immaterium – First up, I can totally sympathise with the author’s “will-organise-it-eventually hobby room”.  Yup, feelin’ that…  On the post itself, I wish I’d taken up this same challenge.  The author has managed to put together a lot of models and is now set for lots of painting.  A good article with lots of pictures of what the author’s been up to this month. […]


    • Thank you! I didn’t seem to have much steam for painting last month, but assembling was easier. Probably because there was less clean-up around bedtime.

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  2. Great stuff here Ann. You’ve certainly outdone me. I’d planned to assemble something – or several things – big and impressive (and the GUO was on my shortlist) but managed to do a total of none of that. I did get a bunch of smaller stuff stuck together at least.

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    • Thank you. I have been experimenting with some sort of bone thing for the marines, but so far I’m not liking the results too much and keep throwing guys back into the Paint Stripper Bath.

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    • Thank you. I mostly put them together in the evenings after work, watching old boxing matches and Westerns on Youtube as well as the occasional dose of SciFi, with my husband.

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      • I’ve never been much of a TV/Sports watcher, but I’ll often get sidetracked by Martial Arts videos on YouTube. I don’t know how many times I’ve went to look up a painting tip and then “Oh hey, Bruce Lee…!”. Do you have a favorite boxer?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Heh, yeah, martial arts movies are grist for our entertainment mill as well. My favorite boxer for pretty much as long as I can remember has been Larry Holmes. 🙂

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          • The movies are okay, but I tend to like watching sparring sessions or sometimes interviews on philosophy. I’ll have to check out some Larry Holmes videos. The only boxers I know really well are Ali, Sugar Ray, and Tyson.

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            • I liked how scientific he was and how he utilized his jab, plus I like (now that I’m rewatching the fights as an adult) how he came across as a pretty nice guy. Knock out artists can be fun, but I personally find them less interesting. I also like the old 15 round fights in that those last three rounds would often be the “Who has the most heart” or “Who wants it the most” rounds, which lend themselves to drama at times. I also found it interesting that he was a sparring partner for both Ali and Frazier.

              Re-watched the first Ali/Frazier fight last night and thought it was excellent. Funny how one remembers things from childhood and then one sees them again as an adult in a much different way.


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              • No doubt. I probably didn’t have the attention span to watch a 15 round fight as a kid, and likely why I didn’t watch much boxing. Plus I didn’t really start to enjoy martial arts/fighting until pre-teens. Tyson made me take notice of boxing when he came on the scene. I just couldn’t believe that someone could devastate another boxer so quickly. Nowadays, I think I’d be more inclined to watch the longer bouts.

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    • Haha, yeah, that it will be. Don’t know when I’ll get around to some of it. Some of the stuff, like the Great Unclean One, I’m probably going to start working on soon, but some of the other stuff, like the raptors, will probably have to be satisfied they aren’t in pieces for some time yet….


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