Plaguebearer With Banner

This is a closer look at the lucky and honored standard bearer from the mob of twenty plaguebearers I recently completed.+  At this point I should probably issue a Nurgle Warning:  there are one or two icky pictures if you continuing scrolling down.  Gifts of our generous Grandfather are not for the overly faint of hear- … er, stomach!

I tried to do a whole Cycle of Existence thing with the banner, where you have birth and life transitioning to various stages of decay and finally death what with Nurgle not just being exclusively all about the aforementioned death and decay as many (or at least some) of the uninitiated believe.

I put this model together and after the glue dried I noticed that one of its horns was pressed up against the bell in an awkward way.  I tried filing it down a little and didn’t like the results.  So I cut about halfway through the offending horn with some cutters and then tore it off.  I was going for a jagged break rather than the clean slice of the elegant Slaanesh Xacto knife.

Gives new meaning to talking out the side of your mouth.

I originally tried an experiment where I painted his belly teeth black.  It seemed good in my mind but I don’t think it worked out well at all on the model.  So I redid the teeth in a lighter color and then used some rust washes, with a final bit of blood and Nurgle’s rot.  The mouth doesn’t really stand out on the model at a distance, but I don’t want it to.  I like how it looks close up though.  The focal point of this guy should be the banner.  With that in mind I kept the plague sword kind of basic too.

“They’re not good dancers they don’t play drums … “

I’m really quite pleased with how the pile of worms on the base turned out.  So much so that I ended up putting a bunch of them on my Great Unclean One’s base when I put her together.  When you collect Nurgle, you are never at a shortage for nurglings nor little piles of intestinal parasites, though with the size of these beauties I’m thinking someone’s intestines had a little transformation and decided to go on crawl-about.

A somewhat confused but ultimately effective advance vs. an IG gun line.

So next time I’m hoping to put up a couple of pictures of a pink horror I painted as the first of a squad of ten to go with the brimstone and blue horrors I finished some time ago, who are now veterans of many a desperate battle.  I’m also working on another cultist as well, and the last odd plaguebearer that will finish off the ones from my Start Collecting box.

Nurgle image 125 wide

+  Twenty-two if you count the metal skeleton snake undead bit box thingie and the ancient Sebelex the Devourer!

20 thoughts on “Plaguebearer With Banner

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  2. That’s a very effective and unique effect on the standard. I also really like what you’ve done with that second horn – ripped up and torn and blackened. I’m definitely going to steal that when I get to my plastics!

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    • Thank you, Azazel. I couldn’t decide how to paint it and debated it for quite awhile, going between something corroded and something newer but more bloody, when I thought maybe so I do a little of both. I’m pleased with how the horn came out. The trick, I found is to cut into it just a little to score where you want the horn to come off and give your clippers something to bite into, and then tear it off. I’m thinking of trying it again but using a pair of pliers instead of the clippers. Hopefully it won’t come out by the roots!

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  3. Love the maggotses!

    The idea behind the banner is great. I can’t quite tell what the plague bearer is looking at, but seems deep in thought about something. The broken horn is an awesome touch and looks great.

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    • Thank you. Now that you mention it he is … and does. Perhaps he is contemplating the maggots and wondering what number he should give them in the List of Diseases he and his mates are cataloging, or maybe he’s wonder if they came somewhere out of him while he wasn’t paying attention?

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      • Haha!! Sounds like you gots them working overtime for you on your “List of Diseases” book?! “Oh bother, hold up, hold up, Ann wants to know what that black thing on your arm is about! Did you jot down the recipe?! You better you hope you did…did you see what she did to Grmblbleggh’s horn when he forgot to jot down the last recipe!!!”.

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        • Yes, that list is going to be quite a project. I think I’ll know a little bit about the frustrations of plaguebearers myself once I tackle it. LoL, I like the way you think! There’ll be hell to pay, that’s for sure, if old Grmblbleggh gets it wrong!

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  4. I love the horn, especially the colouring as if it had rotted through and fallen off. I feel I am becoming desensitised to your nurgle creations now as I can now admire them rather than feeling repulsed. Oh damn, maybe I’m infected…

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    • Excellent! I’m glad you have built up something of a resistance, infection, or whatnot. 🙂 Thanks, I used a little Rhinox Hide mixed with black on the top part of the horn with the idea that it either rotted off or maybe got torn off and rotted after that instead of healed over.

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    • Many thanks. I surely do enjoy working on them. I’ve just about run out of the little imps unless I put together another box of them I still have laying around to max out the mob. I think I’ll probably work on some other, pending stuff first, not least is the Herald from the Nurgle Start Collecting box, even if ole Urnafortunus is doing his/her/its job right now.

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  5. Nice! I like the circle of life motif with the standard, and the belly mouth is a great example of how to do justice to a detail without having it overwhelm the focus point of the Model. The maggots are appropriately gross and creepy, and kind of remind me of the overgrown isopods from The Bay.

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    • Thank you very much. I remember those things from my childhood where they would roll themselves up in a ball if you touched them and being really small they were kind of cute. Yes, I agree, once they get past a certain size they certainly would be creepy!


  6. As we’ve come to expect, a truly first-class disgusting mini! I think you’ve really surpassed yourself with the worms – the much-appreciated Nurgle-content warning was to some extent negated by the far-too-realistic close up photos! But I now have a Plan B and take my specs off first so I just get some blurry details!

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    • Many thanks and appreciate the kudos for the worms. It is my favorite part of the mini and led me to go searching for more. I ended up putting five or six of them on my Great Unclean One to see if the wriggling little lovelies were a one off or if we can do it again.

      Always happy to oblige with the Nurgle Warnings. This time, after looking at the worms, especially, I thought, “You know, maybe I should put it at the beginning of the post this time instead of in a footnote at the end. Just this one time, anyway.” As much as I like my tea and digestives (almost has much as I do rambling parenthetical asides) … (discovered McVities recently when they started carrying them at the grocery store where i live here in California) … I’d hate to be the cause of ruining anyone else’s teatime!

      Good plan on the spec’s, and they said that 20/400 vision would never come in handy! 🙂 🙂

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    • Many thanks, I am pleased with the maggots, if I say so myself. They are my favorite part of the model, which I find humorous because I agonized over the banner, repainting it several times, yet the maggots were easy. I guess that is how things go sometimes.

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