Feb 2018 Painting Challenges Completed!

I am pretty happy this morning having completed both the Squaduary painting challenge and Azazel’s Neglected Model challenge.  It was a close thing with Squaduary.  I was painting the last two models up to a half hour before my bedtime, and the flocking was still wet on those last two when I took the picture  Talk about cutting it close but at least I wasn’t up until midnight!

Another effect of all of these challenges is I’ve been posting more than is usually my custom.  So at nine posts for February, I’ve set a personal record for blog posts in a month with none of them being re-blogging The Regimental Standard, etc.

Squaduary Complete: Ten Plaguebearers! +

My goal with Squaduary was to paint a legal unit of plaguebearers, which means ten models.  These daemons will most likely be part of a single unit of twenty in games, but if I ran them alone I think the one with the poleaxe could optionally be my standard bearer.

Azazel commented in the Sebelex post that seniority should count for something and suggested our ancient daemon for the post of herald. (Sebelex is that one way in back waving a bone club.)  I don’t think the mighty Urnafortunus would wear that, but Azazel is right, older is better in 40K so we have to do something for our bits box metal monster.  So Sebelex will be mob Under-Champion.  As under-champion it will lead one mob when the current unit is broken up into two squads.  Not a bad beginning and certainly a lot better than languishing for another fifteen years or so in a games store bit box!

Cloud of Flies Codicil Complete: 20 Plaguebearers … and friend!

In addition to Squaduary, I also wanted to bring my plaguebearers up to a twenty daemon squad.  They have a rule called “Cloud of Flies” where if the mob has twenty or more models than they are harder to hit.  So I instituted the Cloud of Flies codicil to the complete-a-unit challenge.  That meant I had to complete some pre-February work-in-progress plaguebearers, which thus wouldn’t count toward my ten for Squaduary, but would count toward Cloud of Flies.

I managed to hit that mark as well and above is a picture of the full mob, as well as the mob mascot, our bits box old metal skeleton snake thingie.  Despite much grumbling in the ranks as well as a fetid petition from certain unknown troublemakers, I decided not to count the snake skeleton as a completed model for the codicil though in games it certainly takes it place as a counts-as daemon.

Finished the final two on the last day:  the sand’s still wet on their bases!

But my Glory as the premier Chaos Lady of the Santa Cruz Sector does not end there!  I also completed Azazel’s Neglected Model challenge as I said at the beginning of this post.  The idea is to paint a model that you started at least six months ago but never finished.  Well, I have tons of models that fit that bill so I completed a cultist and of course our friend Sebelex the Eternally Neglected, Devourer, Throttler, etc. ++

Nice weapon, but could use a stock.

I’ve already put these pictures up in previous posts, but I want to put them here as well so all of my completed challenge pictures for the month are all in one place.

Hanging out with Cultist One, who wasn’t part of the challenge.
Those are some pretty meaty throttling hands.

+ Can’t escape the ubiquitous cat hair it seems. Note the strand coming out the shoulder of the furthest front right plaguebearer. I knew that my cats were aligned to Chaos, but I thought they had pledged themselves to Slaanesh, not Nurgle!

++ So my Work-in-Progress Nurglings pointed out that I had “set the bar a little low” with Azazel’s challenge only committing to completing at least one model. I reminded them that they do have the “Squishable” special rule and that seemed to shut them up for a time. Sebelex pointed out, “If you complete the challenge then the Glory is yours for you are the Fearless Leader. The details are unimportant. All that matters is the victory.” I like how that daemon thinks and perhaps I need to reappraise the whole under-boss/herald thing.

Nurgle image 125 wide

Final Note:  I want to include a Nurgle-Triggering Post Warning for sensitive souls like the much esteemed John and others.  We don’t want to ruin anyone’s morning tea or afternoon aerobics, evening eviscerations, etc.

32 responses to “Feb 2018 Painting Challenges Completed!”

  1. Great work Ann! The mob of Plaguebearers looks very gnarly. And not in an early-90’s skateboarding-Bart, surfer-Turtle way either! Well done on getting the cultist completed as well. Now the first one won’t be so lonely. They can be lonely together…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Alexis. It truly came down to the wire. I ended up getting to sleep about an hour late after taking the pictures, etc. etc. but it is done and I regret nothing. 🙂


    • Oh yes, thank you, I’m very glad. 🙂 I worked hard on it all month and it came down to the last day when I threw up a post just to show that I had done it with the idea of editing it on March 1st, which is what I’m doing now.


  2. Congrats on completing your challenges! That’s a lot of work and something you could have just haphazardly done, but I liked that you took the time to give them personality and think about each one. Especially love the different afflictions that you created along the way! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks Faust. I did my level best with each of them trying to imitate Nurgle himself, who is said to love each of his little ones, from the mightiest Great Unclean One down to the sentient scab on the backside of the lowest scab mite. I did have fun with the various diseases. I’m thinking that I am going to make a post cataloging them soon, now that I’m done with these February challenges.

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  3. They really do look a gruesome bunch when they’re all together! I thought the individuals you’ve posted as you’ve gone along looked impressive, but the whole definitely appears greater than the sum of the individual parts! Really nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I find that I really like them when I see them altogether. My opponents, heretically, seem to just look down and mutter things like, “How am I supposed to kill all of that and still have enough lascannons to kill the monsters too?” and other such nonsense. They never to stop and admire my little ones … oh, why can’t they be more like you?!


    • Wow, thank you. That is some of the highest praise I’ve ever received in these matters. I feel like it should go on my resume or something. Glory is indeed mine … I think I’m going to go threaten my work-in-progress nurglings some more and scream at them what you said.

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    • Hehe, thanks … or maybe embrace their diseased goodness and spread it far and wide. After all, is it not sporting to shake your opponent’s hand after a match?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Mike, I’m really glad they are done. I still have one more left from the box though. Sebelex threw my count off, but fortunately he’s maybe 80% done so I hope to finish him off over the weekend, and then maybe work some too on a work-in-progress herald from the Start Collecting box.


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