Cultist for Azazel’s Challenge

I completed a second cultist to go along with this guy and also to complete Azazel’s Neglected Model Challenge.+  The idea is to finish at least one model that you started painting at least six months ago.  My Dark Vengeance guys certainly fill that bill.  I bought the box in 2012, as so many others did, started working on them and they have been scurrilously popping up in a primed and semi-painted state in games ever since.

Wonder what’s under that hood?

So this guy is the second completed cultist now.  I did a pretty heavy highlight job with Dawnstone on his rifle with the idea that it would be noticeable at tabletop distances.

For the skin this time, I went with something a little different than the recipe I used with the first cultist.  I based with Cadian Fleshtone, then washed with Gryphonne Sepia.  Highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone again, then Kislev Flesh and washed again with the sepia.

The red scarification or whatever on his right shoulder is Bloodletter wash, though I forget where in the process I applied it.  Probably after the highlight but before the final brown wash.  I almost decided to turn that sprue scar on his tricep into something, but in the end figured that it was unnoticeable at tabletop distances so I left well enough alone.

Painted Cultist One now has a colleague of sorts.

I used Rhinox Hide on his gaiter buttons, but that seemed to mostly disappear when I did a moderate to heavy dry brush of sand color onto his boots.  I probably won’t go back and fix it but moving forward with the other guys I’ll try and be aware of that issue when I’m dry brushing.

So this completes Azazel’s challenge, but I do have another horribly neglected (in more than one way as it turns out!) daemon miniature I’m almost done with.  I’ll post it along with this guy in a daring duo sort of group shot if I complete my daemon before the end of the month.  That miniature will be a sort of double threat in that not only will it count toward this challenge, but it can be seen as a species of plaguebearer and I plan on it counting for Squaduary as well.  Then it will proudly take its place in my swelling (in more than one way) ranks of Nurgle troops.

A slightly confused but ultimately effective advance of my Swelling Ranks.
A couple weeks later, tearing down a house to get at a vindicare assassin.

+  A warning to John and any others, who may be slightly sensitive to Nurgle-related posts that this post, while it may be primarily about a soldier with human elements, does contain some content that may possibly be Nurgle-related and involve posts about inappropriately happy zombie-like entities in oddly colored pants.  You have been warned!

Flesh Nurgling 100 pixels wide no background

16 responses to “Cultist for Azazel’s Challenge”

  1. Great stuff seeing another poor neglected model get some love here, Ann. And good to see the Nurgle horde swelling. (If it keeps swelling, you’d better see a doctor, though!)
    And congratulations on the new job (from the other post!)

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  2. I sympathise on the Dark Vengeance cultists, my Chosen from the same set are in much the same state. Sadly, as they were a big part of why I bought it in the first place, I doubt they’ll see any paint now, they just look ludicrously small to my eye next to true-scale marines.
    Anyway, nice work on that cultist – and I’m very curious to know what this next Nurgle model you’ve teased us with will be.

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    • Thank you. I liked pretty much all of the models in the Dark Vengeance box and so far, except for those two cultists, I’ve painted none of them. Recently primed the helbrute and scratched the Dark Angels symbol off the fender of one of the bikes and stuck a CSM spike with a skull through it on the front. Otherwise, like you, not much progress on that front other than putting most of them together. 🙂

      Planning on another post today, which will include the Mysterious Nurgle Daemon. Funny thing, I didn’t really intend for it to be a teaser but it turns out that is how it reads, lol.

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  3. Congrats on completing your challenge! I like the Chaos Cultist, nice work on the clothes and that right shoulder looks like it really hurts! All bruised and inflamed, but I take it that guy probably doesn’t pay it much mind.

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    • Thanks, Mike. I did admittedly set the bar kind of low for myself for Azazel’s challenge, only requiring that I complete one neglected mini, but after stalling out on Becky the Bloater I wanted to make sure I had a successful February. Still have a couple more plaguebearers to go for Squaduary, so I’d better log off here and get to work on that! Time’s a-flying!


  4. Do like the cultists! Drybrushing looks fine! And how sneaky, calling it a Cultist post and then putting in in some Nurgle minions to catch me out! Showing my ignorance here I’m afraid (not again came the cry), but what’s the mini near the bottom right of one of the pics, the one that looks like a snake skeleton? I really like it!

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    • Thank you! I edited the post to put in a Nurgle-Triggering Warning so any sensitive people will know that I’m very concerned for their mental equilibrium in such matters!

      The snake skeleton is a metal miniature I found languishing at the bottom of a game store bit box. I decided I liked it, so I painted it up and it has been a counts-as plaguebearer ever since.

      It first appeared in these electric pages back in November:

      I never was able to find a reference to the snake skeleton online, so I have no idea where it originally comes from, though somewhere in the dim recesses of my 1970’s-80’s childhood mind there lurks something similar in the vaults of my Dungeons & Dragons games, but that is all I’ve been able to dredge up so far. +

      + Be warned, the November link leading to the original skeleton post may possibly contain Nurgle-triggering content, including yellow and/or orange trousers.

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      • Well, must be me age! I’ve already read and liked that earlier post, but obviously completely failed to see the skeletal snake looming large as unlife in one of the pictures! Thanks for the story behind it though – a proper skeleton in the cupboard!

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