Plaguebearer Mob Grows by Two

I got two more plaguebearers done over the the holiday weekend for the February Squaduary Painting Challenge.  This brings me to three complete of the ten I need to get done by the end of the month to have a legal squad, and ten of twenty to fulfill my own Cloud of Flies Codicil to the challenge.

“What doesn’t kill us can still cause hairballs!”

I am feeling confident because while I work to get one or two daemons completed, I pick away at the others so the rest of the necessary mob lingers in a not-done-but-work-well-underway-state.

I noticed a couple of bits of cat hair fuzz on the daemon with two horns after I took the pictures.  If it had been anything other than Nurgle I probably would have retaken the pictures or edited the hair out, but one effect of being ensconced in the way of the Lord of Plagues is an (un)healthy disregard for such things.  So I shrugged and said, “Meh, what can you do?  A little hair never hurt anyone.”

I think Rhino Plaguebearer likes the black sword too.

A closer look at a bit of an experiment with a black sword.  The idea was to use minimum highlighting and dry brushing so there are some very light highlights and it isn’t just solid black up close.  Also used some AK brand Corrosion Texture to give the blade that gravelly look.  I didn’t use a sealer on the sword so I’ll be curious to see how the gravel stands up over time on a gaming miniature.

Sporting some nice Emerald Pox and Blue Bloat.

This time I decided to experiment with a mild case of Blue Bloat.  I used several coats of Drakenhof Nightshade and then some Glossy Nuln Oil in the folds, since I wanted to go for a dry look.  I finished with a bit of a sand-colored drybrush on the feet, which I’ve been doing for my daemons and others lately.

My plan is to knock out the rest of my needed plaguebearers over the next week, and posting them as they are completed to keep myself motivated to finish on the right side of the challenge.  I am also almost done with my one miniature to complete Azazel’s Complete a Neglected Model Challenge and will post a picture as soon as he is done as well.

29 responses to “Plaguebearer Mob Grows by Two”

  1. Just a personal preference, but never been a fan of the glossy blood look. Maybe because I saw a lot of bad paint jobs in the 80s (not the 1880s!) where people simply glopped on glossy red “blood!” on all the weapons, armor, etc. It’s probably something I need to get past, as there is a time and place for everything.

    Personal preferences aside, I really like the Blue Bloat and Emerald Pox effects. Nicely done, especially the transitions. The cat hair comment made me laugh! We don’t have a cat, but every now and then some lint will make it’s way onto the mini, which is equally vexing. Some furry Nurgles never hurt no one though, right?!

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    • Indeed, some Nurgle Fur never hurt anyone. Fortunately most of the Nurgle Fur on my miniatures is easily brushed off though every once in awhile I’ll accidentally paint a piece on. I did that with one of my horrors awhile ago and let me tell you, Tzeentch types are way more open-minded about feathers than they are fur!

      I’m not a big fan of blood on miniatures for the sake of it. It seems to me that these guys sort of demand it though. No reason why it has to be red though given that plaguebearers can be created from (probably) just about any race.

      I think the Emerald Pox is probably my favorite disease of the ones I’ve used on these guys.

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      • Nurgle are slimy, bloody, etc. (from what I’ve heard). So yea, makes sense. You do bring up a good point though, their blood could be a different color. A purple-black ichor might be equally gruesome. Though I think I’d still leave the intestines red and slimy.

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    • Many thanks. I’m knocking them out as fast as I can, while still having fun of course, so I can complete the challenge. Should have another two plaguebearers to post tomorrow and a cultist too for your challenge. I saw your challenge for next month. I’m not sure if I want to try and finish off my mob of plaguebearers at 30 or if I want to work on something else in March.

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        • That is always my plan. 🙂

          I like these challenges because it forces me to get units done, while still having fun. My usual state of affairs is to paint a model from one squad, then a couple from another, and a final one from a third. I get a decent number of models done but my squads end up being shamefully semi-painted on the gaming table for quite some time.

          Lately though with the focus on Nurgle and the challenges, I’m in imminent and actual danger of having a sizable blob that is fully painted!


    • Thanks. I kind of like the black sword in an understated sort of way. I don’t really think that any of the swords on these guys really get noticed too much on the table, or for that matter any individual guy except sometimes the one with the banner. What gets noticed is the overall painted blob of daemons, I think.


  2. These two are just gruesome! I still think you get their various afflictions looking way too realistic! I’m now having to plan reading your Nurgle posts halfway between dinnertime and bedtime, to ensure I can both keep me grub down and not have nightmares (think I’ve got the order right there)!
    Impressive minis!

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    • If you hear little clicking sounds in the middle of the night perhaps my miniatures will have taken animus from your dreams and revelations and stepped through the immaterium to your house? With daemons anything is possible! If I don’t hear from you again and I find my miniatures are inexplicably arranged differently on my display shelf, than how I left them the last time I gamed with them, then I’ll know what happened….

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        • That is true, but I think it is far more likely that they came to life, walked through a different dimension to travel vast distances through Real Space, all so they could click around your kitchen floor for a few minutes and have a laugh before zogging back off for home. That is far more likely than me simply forgetting how I put them back. How disappointingly prosaic that would be! 😦

          Also, I imagine they spend much of their time making rude gestures and ugly (uglier) faces at me when I’m not watching them, and then they freeze back into immobility when I turn around quickly and try and catch them out. Haven’t yet, but I’m working on it.

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    • Thanks, Luke. I’m sure the plaguebearers would be very happy to hear you say that and would love to share their diseases with anyone who has the good taste to admire them! 🙂

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    • Thank you. I thought it a successful variation on the dreaded Purple Bloat and will probably add it to my list of desirable diseases, though Emerald Pox does remain my personal favorite.

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