Plaguebearers: A Fly if Not a Lord

So I’ve been hard at work at the Infection Vats on my plaguebearers.  I’ve set myself the magnificent (and attainable) goal of completing a legal squad for the February Squaduary Painting Challenge from Stepping Between Games.

Additionally, I have decided to institute a Cloud of Flies Codicil to the challenge, which is that I want to reach an overall total of at least twenty completed plaguebearers by the end of the month.  If I complete both the challenge and codicil I have no doubt that my minions, toadies, and other assorted parasites will see fit to “spontaneously” petition Nurgle’s Garden to name a new disease after me in a manner that befits my dignity as a mighty Chaos Lady.  +  

Didn’t stint with the yellow washes.

The Fly Guy here doesn’t count toward the Squaduary Challenge because he is one of the daemons I started work on before February.  He is my eighth completed so he represents some progress toward the Cloud of Flies.

He would have been done sooner except that I’ve been going through a spate of dropping work-in-progress miniatures so I broke Fly Guy’s sword.  I tried to glue it back together a few times until I finally decided to do what you see here.  I’m not sure if he is looking at it and saying, “What have you done to my beautiful rusty sword?” Maybe he’s decided he is going to take up Florentine fighting or perhaps just huck the broken tip at whoever gets a little too close for comfort.  In any case, I feel like I’ve successfully made maggots of marmalade, so moving on….

Mouthy smiling for the camera!

Mouthy here represents the first plaguebearer I’ve completed that counts toward Squaduary.  I have found some of the tips in the recent Nurgle-themed White Dwarf useful, which I followed in painting the horns.  I had been leaving them the same color as the body in the past.  I like the new horn look enough that I’m probably going to paint the next nine the same way.

I gave Mouthy a sling from the Wargamesfactory Amazons kit, which I bought a few years ago.  I started to paint it in a conventional, leather style but it occurred to me that it would be keen to have the weapon appear to be made of guts.  The little bag holds an extra sling bullet or two, and is held in place by nimble flaps of grasping skin.  I decided to have the bag look more conventional so as not to draw the eye away from the sling.

So for next time it’ll be (you guessed it) more plaguebearers and I’ll be posting a bit more often through the end of February so I can finish on the right side of the challenge.


I thought I’d better include that last bit just in case the work-in-progress nurglings talk my well-meaning but easily influenced greater daemons into something silly.  It has happened before!

28 responses to “Plaguebearers: A Fly if Not a Lord”

  1. Nice to see Nurgle getting some proper love and attention. I might need to read more to get my rot game down for some of my more diseased traitor guard.

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    • Thanks. Yes, I agree! I originally started out painting some Nurgle, after painting some bloodletters and horrors, because I wanted an army that as its core had at least one unit of troops from each of the four gods, but then (painting-wise anyway) I got seduced into the joys of Nurgle and find myself not only planning on going to the full 30 daemons for this mob, but planning what I’m going to do for the next 30 as well.


  2. Nice work and suitably disgusting, Ann. Which WD is it with the Nurgle Painting Guide? I have to admit that despite the subscription, I’ve barely busted any of the new issues out of their shrinkwrap in the last year since the re-release went from strength to …mostly the same old.

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    • Thank you very much. The tips are in the January 2018 White Dwarf. I have thought about having a subscription, but these days I just flip through the magazine at the game store and buy it if there is something that I like and want to save.

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    • I find I like it myself and consider it a successful experiment. I find I like the traditional green better, or at least as well, but mixing in a little variety is nice too.

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      • You can mix it up quite a bit without losing coherency which is good. It makes painting a bit more fun. I had my eye set on a yellow Nurgle daemon army a few years ago but never really got things going. I converted a herald and painted a few models before giving up. I just prefer power armour to be frank.

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    • Thank you. I’m glad they put that tip in White Dwarf about the horns; I do like them and I guess in the unlikely event I want to split my squad of 20 into two squads I could do so on the basis of horn color.

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  3. The one with the broken sword makes me think of the Blackadder episode where he ends up getting in a duel with a Scotsman and his rapier comes off the worse against a claymore.

    Also, I think those are my two favourite heads from the Plaguebearer kit. So much character.

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    • I remember that one, my husband and I re-watch Blackadder a lot and that first arc with Brian Blessed is my favorite. Funny that Fly Guy made you think of that! 🙂

      I like those two heads as well. The trunk makes he think of Horton Hears a Who and the fly head is probably my favorite. I’m debating about collecting some fly heads and doing an entire second group, once I get this group up to 30, entirely as flies.


    • Thank you, I’m finding plaguebearers so much fun to paint I suspect that in the end there maybe be more of them in my gaming forces than I originally anticipated, lol.

      Agreed. Let it be written, let it be done! Nurglescent is now an adjective!

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