Not Pied but a (Nurgle) Piper Nonetheless!

Here we have a flutist, along with his omnipresent entourage, which is the seventh addition to my plaguebearer mob so far.  This is good because Urnafortunus needs painted minions now that he’s a properly painted herald himself.

My troubadour’s right leg seemed appropriate for a case of Black Bloat, though it came out more like a variant Purple Bloat this time around.  A good thing I started noting how I do things in my posts because otherwise there would be a tendency to ask myself a few months after doing something, “How on earth did I do that?”  I’m sure some of you reading this know what I mean.

Nurglings are pretty acrobatic as a group, in addition to the whole irrepressibly happy thing.  I dislike happiness in my daemons by and large for some reason.  I guess I have more in common with Mortarion than the Great Grandfather regarding things Chaos, but the nurglings get a pass.  If someone has to be happy in my fetid companies then I find it begrudgingly acceptable that it be these mites.

Finally and not too surprisingly, one of my omnipresent duo of Oppressors of the Dust Bunnies and Drinkers of the Paint Water …

13 responses to “Not Pied but a (Nurgle) Piper Nonetheless!”

    • Thank you. For the sores I did a little Blood for the Blood God paint, then small amounts of blue, purple and glossy Nuln Oil washes followed by a thicker coat of BFTBG.


    • Thank you, it was a lot of drybrushing and so forth as well as some customization and research online to get ideas about what real cats look like, but I’m happy with the results and I think I might try this again at some poin.


    • Thank you. I’m sure he’s pretty talented even so. That bone pan pipes/flute-thingie looks like it would be complicated to play, one handed even. At least the nurglings seem to be enjoying his music though that probably isn’t a reliable indication of anything, given how nurglings are.

      Maybe he’s a little too skilled though. I played a game yesterday where I had a blob of 30 plaguebearers, including my work-in-progress guys as well as my painted poxwalkers, since I was playing any Death Guard anyway. Well, on the bad side I tried about five or six charges during the game and I didn’t roll above a 5 for any of them. With there being much woods about it made for some rather pathetic charges indeed. I suspect that he was such a good player rather than spurring his fellows into combat they sort of shambled slowly forward through inertia more than anything else listening to his excellent playing. On the good side though, the buggers were so resilient with their Cloud of Flies thing and their layers of saves that it didn’t matter that much and they did some pretty good work anyway before buggering off back for home.

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  1. Between the Black Bloat and the various leakages, he actually is kind of pied. And now I’m definitely going to have to go all splotchy when I get around to adding a musician to my own Plaguebearers 😀

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