Azazel’s Challenge: Road to Glory!

So I’ve been making good progress on my bloat drone as my primary goal for completing Azazel’s Painting Decemb-uary Challenge by the end of January.  But hubris waxes eternal with us Eye of Terror types so I thought I’d add a few more things to the challenge.  If I succeed then I’m the Glorious Chaos Lady of Painting and all shall worship me and despair (to paraphrase another Chaos Lady) and in the unlikely event that I fail then I’ll cast all of the blame on my minions and/or vague tzeentchian machinations of conveniently shadowy, anti-painting entities.

A unit of plague drones and some nurglings in the priming box.  I’m not sure why that kroot slipped in trying to pass himself off as a plaguebearer.  As for the nurglings my plan is to stretch the three bases they give you in the Start Collecting box into six bases by using some of the many individual nurgling bits that seem to spread in the old bit box like a disease the moment one decides to add a couple of Nurgle units to one’s forces.

Got my snap fit Myphitic Blight-Hauler from the game store one day after I asked the owner to order it for me.  Now that’s service!  I put it together over the holiday.  The kit certainly did go together easily and I didn’t use any glue to see  how it would work out.  I was pleased with the results.

It’s alive!

It is a simple kit but since blight haulers don’t have any equipment upgrades it is all good.  A missile launcher and multi-melta are just the sorts of things my forces need, actually.  For some reason my armies tend to deal with tanks and such by beating on them with swords.  This seems less effective this edition with the notable exception of my daemon prince of Khorne.  The shrouding the hauler provides accompanying infantry is welcome too.

“Oi!  Can we be in the challenge too, ya git?”

Unfortunately the conditions of Azazel’s challenge state that the models have to be no smaller than an Age of Sigmar hero or an ogre, so no mouthy, work-in-progress nurglings allowed!  Even if they try and make themselves look bigger by forming up into daemon pyramids and such like a bunch of Blood Bowl cheerleaders.  You really do have to keep these lesser daemon types on a short leash.

Flesh Nurgling 100 pixels wide no background

10 responses to “Azazel’s Challenge: Road to Glory!”

    • Yes, that is indeed the trick. 🙂 The bloat drone is turning out to be very fiddly but I’m working on it a bit most nights so I have high hopes of finishing it before the end of the month.

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      • It’s been weeks since I worked on my big Nurgle dudes. I really need to get back to them. I’ve been trying to “clean up” AKA finish off a bunch of smaller figures to get them out of the way and off my table instead…

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    • Many thanks. Got a fair amount of color on my bloat drone now; will have to take another progress picture. Almost at the point where I can start doing some washes if the work-in-progress nurglings don’t give me too much trouble.

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  1. I was able to get the Start Collecting stuff to stretch to 5 Nurgling bases, but had to get more from elsewhere to fill out the 6th. Doesn’t take too many more, tho, so if you’ve got some lying around, you should be good to go.

    I used glue on my Blight Haulers, but it really didn’t seem particularly necessary. They snap together very well. I actually wish I’d taken advantage of that with some of the Shadespire Models, where I could have just snapped them together, primed them, and then been able to pull them apart to get at some of the tricky bits. Glue them together properly at the very end, just to be sure.

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    • What I did was used the back and middle sections of nurglings, where they are forming a daemon pyramid, one per base for six bases to preserve the height of the figure of LOS issues in games without having to stick nurglings on little green stuff hills. 🙂 Also, I felt that including one pyramid per base sort of preserved something of the flavor of the standard configuration of the models. Then I bulked them out with bits and such as needed. I’m pleased with how they are shaping up so far, but we’ll see when they are done. I imagine that most people who get into Nurgle to even a moderate degree end up with tons of nurglings pretty quickly. I sure have!

      I’m glad your MBHs went together well. The Blight Hauler was my first try at a GW snap kit and I was impressed how snug and nicely it all went together. I’d definitely buy more such kits in the future given my experience with this one. Not sure how I’m going to paint it yet. For the moment I’m in thrall to the bloat drone so I won’t have to worry about it probably before the middle of the month.


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