Azazel’s Challenge and a Fetid Reply

I stumbled across Azazel’s Painting Decemb-uary Challenge he set for himself, and since he invited others to jump on the bandwagon I thought I would.  Not a bad thing either because my shamefully unpainted foetid bloat drone has been seeing a lot of action on the gaming tables these days.

Azazel’s challenge is pretty open-ended:  “nothing smaller than an AoS hero or ogre-sized model” and no terrain.  Also, the end date is January 31st, so lots of time for anyone reading this who might be inclined to join the fun.

I’m posting an early work-in-progress picture to document my entry into the challenge.

Progress on Becky the Bloater as of Boxing Day 2017.

I originally spray primed my bloater black, but then changed my mind and reprimed it white.  Then I sprayed some Death Guard Green onto the frontal armor and general environs, though as it turns out I didn’t really need to do that.

From there I base coated the inverted lobster tail armor and requisite parts on the plaguespitters in Caliban Green.  Speaking of the plaguespitters, my original thought was to try and drill an ellipse in the end of each barrel.  After mulling things over I think I’m going to instead paint them to look more like organic orifices that can open and close to spray anything that gets too close.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and has a good time ringing out 2017 and welcoming in 2018.  My how the time flies!

p.s. Bonus challenge points if I can get my (appropriately) grubby hands on a myphitic blight-hauler in time to put it together and some decent weather to prime it.

p.p.s. Super bonus challenge points for any Plague Drones I can finish before the deadline as well.

p.p.p.s. I was going to say something about my long-suffering and multi-primed heldrake, but the less said about him, probably, the better.

17 thoughts on “Azazel’s Challenge and a Fetid Reply

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    • Thanks, Azazel, I’m hoping to take a picture this weekend. I’m making good progress but so far this month we’ve had nothing but rain and humidity, so I haven’t been able to prime my blight-hauler. I’m hoping that it dries up and we have a good priming day before too much longer.


      • I know the feeling. Right now it’s perfect weather for spraying all day and all night, but it wasn’t long ago that I had to wait days for a chance to spray anything in the same way you’re talking about.

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    • Neat! I’m looking forward to seeing your challenge models done as well. If they are anything like the human-sized guys you paint, I’m sure they’ll be something special.

      I pre-ordered one of the myphitic blight-haulers and the store owner told me it has come in (I learned this about an hour after I put up the post), so I’m going to pick that up this week and if the gods of storms cooperate I’ll be able to get that primed soon for my challenge bonus points. Can’t wait to eventually get my hands on one of the new plastic GUO’s when they come out.

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